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    Happy BDay to ME! Taboo Cigars, Zaya Guat Rum, and your invited!

    Hey Friday October 24th my wife and I are celebrating our birthdays (Mine the 26th hers the 20th) with a Havana Nights party if your in Phoenix... YOUR INVITED! We will be serving Zaya Guat Rum, Taboo Twist cigars, maybe some rum from a special island. It will be a great time. If you wanna come...
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    ROTFL I am a pusher

    Don't be a hater because your hooked on da twist
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    When was the last time you were WOWED...

    Last time I was wowed? Last week when I smoked my first Hemingway Short Story, before that it was my first Boli PC, before that my second PSD4 (first one was dried out), and before that my first Taboo Twist!
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    ROTFL I am a pusher

    I gifted a co-worked two sticks on Friday. A Hemingway Short Story and a Rocky Patel Vintage 92. He just walked into my office and said he loved them, he went out and bought a humidor and some cigars...he was quite upset when I showed him the prices on went away to...
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    Vinotemp and RH

    I conducted an experiement with Shilala, actually I screwed up on my vinotemp setup and then we decided to do the experiement. I setup my Vinotemp with NO cigars in it. I didnt want them to dry out and my 'logical thinking' told me the boxes would hold the RH. So I filled my Vinotemp with...
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    Prayers for Anquan Boldin (Arizona Cardinal)

    Good news, coach said that he had movement in his extremities and was talking. Also that he wanted to get up but the paramedics would not let him. It was a viscous hit
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    Prayers for Anquan Boldin (Arizona Cardinal)

    In the last :30 of the Cardinals loss, Q was sandwiched and the player going in the opposite direction hit him helmet to helmet in the face. He was knocked out for quite some time and never showed any movement. Please send a prayer up for Anquan, he is a ferocious competitor and I pray that he...
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    Got a new bottle of Pampero Aniversario

    Very nice...picked it up along with 2 more bottles of Zaya Guat!
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    Tasting of cigars

    There is also a couple videos on CA about tasting. Watch them they are pretty good. Part I Part II
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    is it a rut?

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    Smoking stogies and sinuses?

    My wife started smoking with me, and then last week she got all stuffed up after smoking a Rocky Patel 92. It turned into a sinus infection and now she is saying she doenst want to smoke anymore.
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    Need To Circle The Wagons for Silverfox!

    Great news! Rest up and medicate!
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    Need To Circle The Wagons for Silverfox!

    Prayers going out to you and your family. And to the doctors that are working on you, that they may find what is wrong and put you on a fast track to health!