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    Tight draw on Padilla's????

    Yes, I agree. Let them sit for at least 6 months and they will be a lot better.:tu
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    Padilla limitado 2006 and burn issues...

    Yes, let them sit for several months. They burn great after a loooooong nap.
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    Ramon Allones Reserve

    I picked up some Ramon Allones Reserve's and wondered if anyone has tried them? I have not smoked one yet, have them resting in the vino.
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    Vinotemp Pictures

    I agree, that is a great looking setup you have....... I need to look at doing that to my vino..........:tu
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    Taboo Dominican Maduro

    Thanks for the great review. Will have to pick some up. :tu
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    Nub 460 Habano

    I agree. The NUBS are a pretty good cigar. :tu
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    Sancho Panza extra fuerte

    Great review. I like this cigar a lot! Just happen to have a box in the humi...:tu
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    Partagas Black Maximo

    I love the black labels. Nice review, thanks.....:tu
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    60-63 RH

    I keep mine at 70% and have not had a problem in over 30 years. I seem to be in the minority here as everyone seems to like the 65% range. Try them at different ranges and you will find the right range for you! After all you only have to make yourself happy.......:ss
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    I have 2 pounds of beads in my 28 bottle and it is rock solid!!:tu
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    IHRC #2--Taboo LR Havana Robusto

    Great review. I look foreward to more of your reviews......:tu
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    Taboo Limited Reserve Connecticut Torpedo

    Great review, I will have to try some myself.....:tu
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    Ramon Allones Reserve Hermoso #2 maduro

    Nice review, I was thinking of picking up a box. Now I will.....:tu
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    Fire pits, chimnea's, outdoor heating options

    Gentlemen, go to the trusty Cabela's and order the Deluxe Alaknak II tent! It has a wood stove for heat. I use mine for hunting and in the winter time the boys and I use it in the backyard to play poker and smoke cigars. It works out great! :tu
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    Lesson Learned

    If you just can't wait to try that cigar, I might suggest investing in some Henry' tools! They do work!:ss