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    Were back from IRAQ

    Welcome home. I know how good it feels to come off that plane and wrap your arms around loved ones. I have my welcome home cigar with me. I am really looking forward to that stick.
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    Shilala's Beads

    Scott is a great BOTL with a great product. Thanks again Scott.
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    Kielbasy and Peachs!

    Sounds good.
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    When was the last time you were WOWED...

    PAM 26 was the latest, some others my first padron X000, RP 90. They all had me saying WOW.
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    ROTFL I am a pusher

    Good Job on greasing someones slope.
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    Container for beads?

    You may want to put them in panty hose or a bag just in case you knock it over they won't spill. then just toss the bag in the bowl.:2
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    my little brother.

    My prayers are being sent for your brother and you family.
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    what cigar are you going to smoke next Friday ?

    I don't know yet. Alot of what I smoke is sampling so more then likely it will be something new to me. But,I think if I think about the cigar too long before hand it is hard for it to live up to what I think it is going to be like. So usually it is picked on the fly.
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    If you ever make yor way to Adder let me know and we can get together.

    If you ever make yor way to Adder let me know and we can get together.
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    Drew Estate Java

    Thanks for the idea.
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    Conch Republican hit 2000 mark!!!!

    Congrats Mark. Thanks for all you do here at CS.
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    Cigar night cob adder

    Enjoy where you are now we will be here when ever you get back. I will save you a seat.
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    Drew Estate Java

    I had a draw off one that I had given to a friend of mine who had never smoked a cigar and it tasted like the hot air coming off a brownie that had just came out of the oven. I liked it cuz it was different but I can't really seeing myself smoking them on the regular. He has asked me like 4 or 5...
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    Cigar night cob adder

    We all look forward to it alot.
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    Cigar night cob adder

    Here are some other pics.