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    Stone 12yr anniversary bitter chocolate oatmeal stout

    First of all IMHO Stone is one of the premier breweries in the U.S. We don't get it here in FL but I have had some shipped here and have sampled some upon my visits to my home state of NJ. Any of the higher alcohol content (ABV) beers such as Barleywines, Double IPA's and Imperial Stouts will...
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    Stopped at Target to get milk and bought a Vinotemp

    What a great point!! They do look awfully classy and nice with the set-ups some of us have such as drawers, shelves, drop-ins, etc.
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    Hygrometer at Wal-Mart

    I have a Hygroset adjustable which was +1% with both the salt and Boveda tests. The Wal-Mart Accurite was +6% with both tests. They were both tested together at the same ambient temp.
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    Stopped at Target to get milk and bought a Vinotemp

    A wise purchase - the Vino I mean. Enjoy and fill 'er up!! :tu
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    Which CS Members Share Your Taste in Cigars?

    Any 5 Vegas A, Sancho Panza Double Maduro or Gurkha Triple Ligero fans out there ??? I'm new to the CS community, but just love those 3 cigar lines.
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    Which Online Retailer Do You Order From?

    Tampa Humidor does the same.
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    Cigar Smoking vs. Health Concerns

    Would love to. Name a date and time and I'll get back to you. Is that the little semi-dive bar that the Flagler College kids frequent on St. George St.? I know there is a fairly new cigar bar over by the bay between A1A and JP Henleys that I went to around last Christmas which was really...
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    heart felt beads

    I have a Vino set up with 1 lb. of HF 65% beads divided up into 4 - 4 oz. batches inside pantyhose placed in small open tupperware containers dispersed throughout the Vino. I spray the beads also with distilled water and see the small particles also breaking off. Was wondering if...
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    Cigar Smoking vs. Health Concerns

    You guys are great. I sincerely appreciate the input and feedback so far. Certainly puts my mind at ease (as I enjoy a HDM Dark Sumatra Noche). I'm currently going through a nasty divorce with 3 fairly young kids (15, 13 and 7) and fighting for custody. I find late nights out on the deck or...
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    Which Online Retailer Do You Order From?

    Great place to find decent prices on quality singles with FREE shipping. (not affiliated - just a satisfied customer)
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    Cigar Smoking vs. Health Concerns

    First of all let me premise this thread with a pre-apology if I'm beating a dead horse here on CS that's been covered ad infinitum. However, being fairly new to the jungle and the world of cigar smoking; and being a 55 y.o. male who is somewhat fanatical about maintaining good health I was...
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    Sancho Panza extra fuerte

    What would be teh general consensus as to which SP cigar is the fuller flavored or stronger - the Extra Fuerte or the Double Maduro? I recently had the DM and really enjoyed it. Nice smooth but asserive flavors.
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    HELP!!! poll: vinotemp, humidor or other??? what should i buy next?

    I recently purchased a Vino since living in FL I no longer have to worry about temp issues with it. I'm planning on buying a few of Chas's drawers not only because it will look nicer, but it will also be easier to access your cigars. I have the Vino now loaded with various size wooden cigar...
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    How Are The Vinos Holding Up?

    Thanks for the feedback so far!! Doesn't seem that anyone has had any problems so far. I would guess that keeping the temp set at warmer settings takes a lot of stress off of the cooling unit. Also, cleaaning and dusting the vent area in the back every month or so is sound advice I'm sure.:ss
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    I think I've found MY cigar

    Enjoyed an incredible Camacho Corojo Limited 08/22 that I got in a sampler. What an absolutely incredible smoke. One small problem ----I can't afford them!!! :mad: