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    Torch It or BIC It?

    I've been using a z-plus insert for my zippo and really like that. On another note, that first picture appears to be a swiss army knife.... Does anyone know where to get one of those???
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    cigar puncher vs cutter

    Exactly what I was going to say. I really just prefer the cut of a Xikar or Palio to any punch.
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    Strangest flavor you've tasted in a cigar

    rotten egg in a 5 vegas gold..... I have no idea what could have caused it but it was awful.
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    Punta cana cubans?

    I would suggest not worrying about it. I was just there over new years and didn't find anything but obvious fakes. I would also suggest just taking your own cigars with you. The cigars I found were way over priced.
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    Sancho Panza Double Maduro Quixote

    I really enjoy these and they have always been a consistent smoke.... These were among some of the first cigars I tried and I still smoke them on a regular basis.
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    Vinotemp Humidor Project

    Would it work to place some beads in a container to catch the water drippings so you just recycle the water that falls?
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    Favorite RG In A Cigar?

    I like 50 or less. Occasionally I'll smoke something with a larger RG but it's just not that enjoyable.
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    People smoking cigars on youtube

    that had to be one of the strangest things I've ever seen.....
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    Who first introduced you to premium cigars?

    I guess my dad did in a round about way. While he doesn't smoke cigars he would take me to the cigar shop to look at lighters and pens. It was some time later that I was in there and just decided to buy a cigar. I looked lost and one of the older guys at the shop took the time to show me...
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    Herf Aftereffects Poll

    The last time I herfed I just drank a ton of water(while herfing and after) and brushed my teeth/tounge as soon as I got home and didn't seem to have any problems.
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    Favorite Rocky

    I've really been enjoying the 1990's lately. One of my favs.
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    I'm looking for a newbie!

    Wow, what an incredible gesture. Another great example of what an awesome place this is.
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    Rocky Patel Vintage 2nds - How do they compare?

    I love the little perfecto seconds. I've went through alot of these and haven't had the first problem.
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    95% Cabinet conversion completed!!!

    Very nice! :tu
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    My new VinoTemp.

    awesome! I can't wait to get mine set up :ss