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    Perdomo Lot 23 Natural or Maduro?

    i've had them both..natural is much better IMO
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    Gurkha Regent

    one of my favorite Gurkha's
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    Cigar Night at Antonellos

    Thanks for the heads up. I also signed up for the email.
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    How to find Special Deals On CI

    it still works, I bought the Pepin Generosos yesterday and a few good deals came up. did you guys know that the "other" CI store does this as well? By the other CI store I mean I've noticed that the ship "from" address is the same 6771 Chrisphalt Drive Bath, PA. Right now if you put...
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    I feel a little cheated...

    I emailed them about it too, lets see what they say
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    I feel a little cheated...

    The corojo label was a pretty good smoke, which is why I said I felt a "little" cheated...if they were terrible, I would of sent them back....the Brazilian label was a little flat with not much flavor....both however smoked great, wrapper was awesome, lots of smoke...i kept eating the filler...
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    I feel a little cheated...

    So I thought I would try two of the house labels...the Brazilian Label and the Corojo Label.....Much to my surprise they were SHORT filler. now they are cheap...I paid 9.95 for a sampler of 4 each, so I didn't pay much...but man I felt where do the say the tabacco is short...
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    CI Sale / Ghurka Question

    I've had everyone of those, the Regent is my favorite of those listed. Try the Black Dragon, which isn't listed there. It's a good medium bodied cigar. and nice ash cigars carries them.
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    Thoughts on Camacho Liberty 2007

    Had one about 3 months ago. It was a fine cigar.
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    My latest pick - ups

    Those Pepin Lancero's are awesome. I was gifted a box for christmas. My first experience with Lancero's and I have to say they are freakin AWESOME.
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    Have you ever tossed a $15+ cigar?

    Partagas LTD Res. it was nasty :pu
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    La Aurora 1495 Connoisseur Selection

    The 1495 is one of my favorite smokes, so when I heard about this I had to get it. I've smoked the connecticut and the Cameroon so far. While i'm not one that can tell you what flavors I pull out of a smoke I can tell you that I thought the connecticut didn't change the flavor much, while the...
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    Fullerton - Red Cloud

    Re: Fulleton - Red Cloud I have not stepped one foot in the establishment because I have heard the exact same things mentioned here. They do not have a good reputation at all.
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    Smoke alone?

    that's quite an extreme poll, but mostly I smoke alone
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    Ok, The Famous Nic 3000 is a GREAT Cigar!

    I finally bought a 5pk and have them resting for a bit. I don't think they will rest much longer before I break one out. I've heard a lot of hype about these as well and can't wait to try them.