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    "Don't worry honey, I'm just going to buy a few cigars a month..."

    :tpd: If you want to store your wine, buy something made for storing wine. Wait...:confused: :D
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    New Orleans Cigar Factory

    You start out with some easy questions! Welcome to the forum. #1: You'll find just about everything about cigars you could ever want to know on this forum. Familiarize yourself with the search tool and you can find answers to most questions you could have. #2: Samplers are great for...
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    Pre Embargo from CI?

    :pu All these "Pre-Embargo" cigars make my head spin. Do a search for Pinar and see what I mean. A sh*tload of tobacco was found in a guy's basement? :confused: I wouldn't smoke that even if it was true. That being said, hopefully you enjoy this one.
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    Thanks for the bump :-)

    Thanks for the bump :-)
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    Thanks for the bump :-)

    Thanks for the bump :-)
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    How long to salt test??

    The boogeyman
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    More Comedy

    Will a $24 Monte Sublime LE really be 3X better than an $8 Monte #2? Will a $12 Ashton VSG Wizard really be 15X better than an $.80 Cremosa? (well yeah, it probably will be, but you get my point)
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    Citronella candle

    Where does one obtain a large standing ladybug population? I can't remember seeing a ladybug store around these parts.
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    Hey thanks for the bumparoo!

    Hey thanks for the bumparoo!
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    Thanks for the bump! I didn't even notice till I read your note.

    Thanks for the bump! I didn't even notice till I read your note.
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    Citronella candle

    Melody (my fiancée) and I have been enjoying the beautiful evenings on the porch, occasionally with movies on the laptop. The only problem is the mosquito population of my backyard, which seem to all find us. Solution? Citronella candle. We've always used the citronella candle to keep bugs...
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    Labeling Cigars

    If it was me, I'd keep them in the box and never worry about it - sounds like a big pain for no gain. If you're only keeping part of the box (for whatever reason that might happen), then I'd write what the smoke is and the year. Box codes are bologna, so I'd typically just write "Guantanamera...
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    Betsy Ross - Clear Havana

    Probably none at all, since it's in a sticky. "...Clear Habanos, cigars rolled with pre embargo tobacco (later on) etc, are considered Non-Habanos and reviews on them should go in that forum."