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  • Hiya Brigs - thanks for the good wishes. My coffee prefs wander with mood and who has the good crop at the moment. I generally favor Costa Rican Tarazzu, Guatamalan and Brazilian coffees. Central Americans mostly make my morning.

    Yesterday was spent with my kids to remember some departed family members; it was a good day and, on the long drive home from DC, my son and I enjoyed a couple of nice stogies; RolinRandy and I bumped heads in Raleigh the day before and we managed to force down a couple nice smokes over coffee. :)
    Mister Moo what is your favorite coffee? Hope you are enjoying a stogie, and a coffee right now. Cheers my friend.
    Just thought I'd drop by and say Hello Mr. Moo. I think you need a photo of some coffee beans for your background page in this Profile Page of yours. Think that would look pretty nice...:tu
    If the Plumcake post had been meant as bait for trouble I would have risen to the occasion and raised to one. Its high time we became friends!
    The Plumcake post is clinically correct and was not intended to be bait for trouble. Most pipe smokers can take a ribbing as well as anyone else, by the way. Just NOT in the pipe forum. You keep back:)
    Please post no more threads with the title "Moos 20 week old Plumcake".......at least not in the Pipe forum, you tempt me to have a little fun, and we all know how crotchety some Pipe Forums members are......

    trying to get me in trouble, huh Dan??:r:r
    A change. The knockout punch for Blake Lockhart, Private Eye?

    Hey...your first note...woohoo!!!! Sorry, I don't do dishes though :)

    Glad you lke the "eye". Tryin' to change it up a little.
    What are you(1) doing here? Jeepers - leave a note. Or empty the dishwasher. Moo

    (1) backwoods Blaylock Fenwick King James mnelson Mr.Maduro Secret Pipe Santa Tristan tzaddi vicvitola
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