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    PA ban: My business was just notified...

    It's just a sign, just like the speed limit is a sign that no one follows. :hn
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    Advice on smoking Ribs?Chicken

    Do whole yardbirds at regular oven temperatures - 350F. I find following the same way as a traditional oven work best for chicken in the smoker. Follow any traditional roasted whole chicken recipe, just put in the smoker instead of oven. With whole turkey, make sure there's not too much...
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    Taylor vs. Fonseca 1977

    In General I would say I prefer Fonseca to Taylor, but only slightly. Both are fantastic and every vintage they make is great at a minimum. No dry wine can have as many consecutive hits as Fonseca or Taylor. I've done back to back Fonseca vs. Taylor tastings for vintages 1977, 1970, 1963, and...
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    Football snack!

    Making Mozzerella fun and easy. Just buy the curds and work it in hot water then put it in an ice bath. We make it all the time and there's no going back to store bought once you try fresh made warm Mozzerella! So soft, buttery, and nourishing... Vaccuum sealed curds will last a month, but...
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    Best brandy?

    I speak too much on brandy, but for Cognac; Tesseron and Pierre Ferrand are the best bets for money. No caramel coloring and BS like Remy and the like... QPR difference is huge.
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    Looking for a "smooth" entrance to Bourbon Pappy van Winkle makes a quite smooth Bourbon. Smooth would be an excellent adjective for this one.
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    Pappy Van Winkle's Family Reserve

    Yes, those are two I was thinking of as I am more familiar with them. I enjoy both as well. PVW is much lighter up front.
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    Pappy Van Winkle's Family Reserve

    I can some wanting a more vibrant full bodied bourbon, is that your preference? PVW has an amazing long finish, but is fairly light up front.
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    Pappy Van Winkle's Family Reserve

    Bought my friend a bottle of this for his 40th birthday. What a lovely bourbon. Very long finish, delicate taste, and very refined. I thought Blantons was something until I tried this. Kind of expensive, but if you're into whiskey, I think it's a must try. Love the label too. Pappy know how...
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    Music to smoke stogies to.......

    We have a tradition of listening to Lou Monte when smoking cigars or drinking port. Lou is the best.
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    Vacation in Boston (also Quebec border Q)

    I would have to disagree. Just think about it. Take a 1.5 mile radius from Back Bay; there's 8+ excellent dedicated places to either smoke in or buy cigars. Not many other US cities can boast that.
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    Vacation in Boston (also Quebec border Q)

    Welcome to our fair city. There's several excellent cigar shops around Boston & Cambridge. Many are among the oldest in North America. Just look on the B&M section of this forum. As for going to the Canadian border. You're 3.5+ hours drive and there are no Habanos available. You'll have to...
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    El Tiante Cigars - Met Luis Tiant

    That is why I suggested changing them some. Hate to see him miss the boat on Lancero, Lonsdale, and Corona's coming back. Not much for CT shade either. It rolls awesome, but is tasteless.
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    El Tiante Cigars - Met Luis Tiant

    I had the honor of meeting Luis Tiant, former pitcher of the Red Sox, and namesake of El Tiante cigars last night at Fenway. He happen to be standing next to me along the Green Monster! He also use to live down the street from my grandparents. I mentioned that he has to expand his cigar line...
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    Long time, no see and I have a question.

    I am sorry to read this is all snowballing on you at once. That must be a difficult situation. At least I can say for myself the grass isn't greener for once... Joking aside, your first step should be to compile a spreadsheet of exactly what you have. You can sell the cigar in bunches...