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    Which Online Retailer Do You Order From?

    I've been using Atlantic Cigar more often, They have my go to's cheaper than any one I've found so far. And I also order from the usual suspects. Famous, CI. Brian...:ss
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    how have you spent your day so far

    One of the local B&M's had a Macanudo event today unveiling the Macanudo 1968. I was very surprised on how good this cigar was, very flavorful with some kick. I've never smoked a Macanudo before, From all the reviews I read, I thought they would be to mild for my taste. When I read that a cigar...
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    Please help out a cigar newbie.

    Season the humidor for a week and get some beads from Heartfelt and all your worries are over. Brian...:ss
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    CI free shipping code? this is the only one I know of. Where did you see a free shipping code ? I didn't see any thing in the sept catalog . Brian :ss
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    Saint Luis Rey Reserva Especial Toro

    Saint Luis Rey's are my daily smokes. The Belicoso are the best in my opinion. At around $57 a box you just cant go wrong. Brian :ss
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    Man my colibri sucks...Need a reliable lighter!!!!

    I've been useing this lighter for over a year now. It's been a very dependable lighter. I bought three for under 10$ . Just a great lighter. They are the best..:ss
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    Oust Fan substitutes or alternates???

    Had to get mine off ebay. They seem to be quite plentifully there.
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    Edge Counterfeits vs X-Outs.

    :tpd: Holts has the Edge off color as well. Seems like 7 out of 10 rolled are rejected, Maybe Rocky needs to get better rollers.?? Or is their something up ?? Brian :ss
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    Flor De Oliva Maduro Toro

    The naturals are a pretty good smoke. But I'd rather not smoke, than smoke another maduro. I bought a bundle of these last Christmas and just forced myself to smoke the last one a short while ago. rh 65% temp 70 they never got any better. I think I may have permanently damaged my taste buds.. a...
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    some suggestion

    Try a Omar Ortez original. Very good Nicaraguan. Full bodied with a real punch to it. Great cigar Brian..:ss
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    Trying to find a nice 2 finger case for Dad

    Or maybe this Look for one with enough room for a large RG cigar Brian...:ss
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    Trying to find a nice 2 finger case for Dad

    how about this one Hope this helps,, Brian
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    Weekly Shipping

    Im finding it real hard to make a bid on some cigars from Cbid. The auction ends tomorrow would not ship out till Thursday, So they would be sitting in a ups hub till monday. I'm a little concerned about that. Was wanting to hear the thoughts of other members about this... I know most people use...
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    Arrrgh You B@$tards! Lol!

    Just do the research, And you'll be fine. After you fill the humi and fill a cooler then you'll start looking for the sales more often.. Cbid is a great place to get started, but soon you'll see how foolish some people are. Sometimes I wonder if cbid isn't behind some of this over bidding...
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    Before and after CS

    That's the way I started. One year later im in a 60qt cooler. When they go on sale this fall I'll be up grading to a 120qt, If I can hold out that long. Brian..:ss