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    Shipping From Canada To USA?

    For packages, I've found FedEx ground the cheapest and general gets anywhere in the USA in 5 days, at the most.
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    Did someone order some trays?

    How is this?
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    Got my edgestar set up

    It looks good Brian. I'm glad you like them.
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    VINOTEMP and the beginning of a steep slope!

    If not, I know where you can get some.....:D
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    My Vinotemp Project

    Nice work and nice score on the Spanish cedar.
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    Humidor Cooling Units

    I didn't realize it was you. Very nice work. Did you ever finish it?
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    Humidor Cooling Units

    Vinotemp lists replacement parts for the 28 bottle units. I considered purchasing the parts to make one. The prices for the replacement coolers and controls weren't that bad. But you would still have to purchase the power source and controllers, which will bring the price up.
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    # of Lbs. of Beads Needed in a Vinotemp

    1 pound, half in top tray, half on bottom over drain hole. No extra fans. Humidity has been steady at 66% for three months, with no top-ups.
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    Humidor Cooling Units

    I'm still in the 'research' stage. I'm trying to do it as cheap as possible. I found this a while back and tried to email the guy to see if he had any updates or suggestions, but I never heard back from him. He did a fantastic job from what I can see.
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    Spanish Cedar

    Took me a minute to find the site. It's under
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    Humidor Cooling Units

    You won't be able to find anything you can just place in your humidor. You will need to have something go through the back, plus all the controls, etc. You can purchase thermoelectric cooling units for places like this, I'm sure they have the controllers as well.
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    Custom Humidors

    Here are two threads on antique ice chests I converted. My ice chest One I did for a friend.
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    VINOTEMP and the beginning of a steep slope!

    Says it only holds about 100 cigars.
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    VINOTEMP and the beginning of a steep slope!

    You can check here to see if a local Target has one available. It's the 28 bottle Vinotemp. Why are they so good? Add a few Spanish cedar shelves and drawers and you have a 1000 count climate controlled humidor. You can't find a 1000 count climate controlled cabinet humidor for anywhere near...
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    Spanish Cedar

    You can use this link to try and locate Spanish cedar near you. WoodFinder, put Spanish cedar in the "Search by key word' box and enter your zip code. It will show you retailers around you that carry it. If that doesn't work, I take P.P. so you don't need trader feedback.:tu