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    "Don't worry honey, I'm just going to buy a few cigars a month..."

    Hilarious! When I added multiple desktop humidors and coolers my wife never batted an eye but when she came home and saw a wine cooler sitting in the dining room she gave me "The Look." That's a big step my friend and a hard one to keep hidden. Good luck.
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    Hygrometer at Wal-Mart

    It's pretty much luck of the draw. I bought an AccuRite at WalMart and it's the only one out of my four hygros that's accurate.
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    Cigar Smoking vs. Health Concerns

    All things in moderation. Less than one cigar a day would seem to be a pretty irrelevant risk factor to me. If you're a meat eater you're likely putting far more carcinogens into your pie hole through eating than cigar smoking. I'm also a runner and I figure that I'm sucking in far more...
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    Working from home

    I work from home but don't like to mix cigars with work since it throws off my concentration. In fact I don't think I've ever lit up while working.
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    What do you drink your whisk(e)y in?

    If I'm entertaining guests I use the leaded crystal glasses I got as a wedding present. When it's just me I use a Tom & Jerry grape jelly jar -- I kid you not! The size is perfect for a few fingers of whiskey, it's thick enough glass that it doesn't break if it gets knocked around, and it...
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    Looking for a "smooth" entrance to Bourbon

    My everyday pour is Elijah Craig 12yo. It's on the inexpensive end of the spectrum but I find I like it better than many of the premium labels. For some reason I don't care for the 18yo. And if you find you prefer the taste of Bulleit then start looking into rye whiskey as well since that one...
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    A little comedy from Famous

    I think it's all that pricey brass hardware that pushed it over the top. No sir, nothing's too good for that humidor.
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    ECCJ - European Cigar Cult Journal Discussion Thread

    I finally broke down and subscribed today. I was getting them at B&N but they're pretty hit and miss.
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    Taboo LR Havana Figurado

    I picked up a sampler that included the three different wrappers of the new Limited Reserve line from Taboo Cigars -- Connecticut, Havana, and Maduro -- all in the unusual figurado shape. Today I decided to light up the Havana and give it a whirl. The appearance of the cigar is pretty good...
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    How you spend your time

    Oh yeah. I spend all my time reading about cigars and playing with my fridgador but I rarely have time to actually sit down and smoke a stick these days. It's just nice knowing they'll be there when I finally do have the time.
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    Online Retailer Customer Service

    That's a drag and is certainly one of the down sides of online shopping. Hopefully they'll make it right. But the big question is what was in the other guy's package? Inquiring minds want to know!
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    Snoqualmie Casino Cigar Lounge "Lit"

    I've seen a few TV commercials this weekend and it looks like their grand opening is set for November 6.
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    Do you care if your S.O. doesn't keep up?

    I humbly hang my head in shame. I guess I couldn't care less since my wife apparently isn't a spendthrift.:D
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    Do you care if your S.O. doesn't keep up?

    My wife is a real spendthrift and hardly ever spends money on herself. She could care less what I buy or how much I spend but I would feel like an idiot going guns a blazin' while she spends nary a nickel. And that is why my go to cigar is the beloved Sancho Panza.
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    Cream Soda Lovers?

    Man I loved that stuff when I was a kid. The best part was that you could get a 20oz for the same price as a 12oz Coke or Pepsi product. Made that paper route money stretch much farther. Probably why I went with the Charleston Chew over the Snickers too.