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    What is the longest time you went unwillingly without a cigar

    Man, that sucks. Feel better. Rest and all that. That is one illness not to mess with.
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    La Riqueza

    Newbie selections then? I've considered a bunch of stuff. I'd like to also stay under $5 a stick (or less) since I know a good portion of these will end up snuffed anyway. (Do I need to start a new thread?)
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    La Riqueza

    I think I have a box or two of these in my VT, I'll go spark one up and see...
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    How long does it take you to choose a cigar?

    My choice is often defined by what I have or have not eaten. Big meals means heftier sticks. Although, I've been finding it odd which cigars sneak up on me. Illusione MKs are supposed to be the strongest of their sticks, but I get a bigger nic hit from the 88. I think it's time to try the f9.
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    La Riqueza

    Would this be a good wedding cigar? I need to find two sizes (one PC and one robusto) Thinking two different cigars. There will be regular cigar smokers and first timers there. I don't wanna get people sick, but I want cigars both groups would like. Thanks.
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    Vinotemp 101

    Yep, that sounds about right. It's kinda like trying to get an Armadillo out of a hole. The drain is S shaped, and made from flimsy plastic. It appears that they flow the insulation after placing the drain, so you are gonna rip that up getting your wires through. I used a hanger and taped my...
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    Damn You Joe!!!!!

    Wow, I didn't even feel a twinge of desire. Muahahahaha
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    Vinotemp 101

    My hygro reads 67, the VT reads 66. That's close enough for me.
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    Pimp your Vintemp

    Bump for SmokinApe. hehe Still haven't gotten the fan or the special surprise done, but maybe this weekend.
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    Vinotemp 101

    *looks innocently around* What did I do?
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    Vinotemp 101

    If memory serves, it says in the 'Manual' that the unit must be 4 inches off the wall to operate properly.
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    Hi, my name is...

    I got caught up in the eBay thing for a short while and was bidding mindlessly, but not as bad as some that were bidding against me. i imagine C-bid is the same.
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    New cigar for that Illusione whore

    What? You aren't talking about me? *sniff, sniff* Lanceros are too long for me. I'd be smoking it forever. They look yummy though.
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    Hi, my name is...

    Munkey. It's been 117 days since I looked at C-Bid. I've never bought at C-bid, but I hit rock bottom just discovering the site existed. I had a lovely Fiancé who accepted me for who I was. I had a good job. Clean clothes. The dog would be seen in public with me. As you can see, I haven't...
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    New Palio Cutter Design

    This thread is like Vaporware.