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    Reviewing the factories on Calle Ocho

    Thanks for the nice "Walk"....:) And for an honest review!!!:tu:ss
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    Romeo y Julieta Habana Reserve (Robusto)

    Thanks for the review!!:tu:) I'm currently a Reserva Real whore at the moment. I think I have one of these "buried". I'll fire it up!!:ss
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    C.A.O. Black Mosaic

    Thanks for the review!!:tu I have a couple of these restin'...May have to fire one up!!:ss
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    Project of the Day : Winador Drawers

    Magnificent!!!:tu:ss Thanks for sharin' Scott! They look great!!:)
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    Project of the Day : Winador Drawers

    Sweet!!!! Can ya tell that I'm excited about another project? :tu:ss
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    Who wants some Blend #7 Reservas?

    Very kind indeed!!:tu:) I'm plannin' on orderin' some #7's soon!!!:ss
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    What are you hungry for...

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    Review ~ Devil's Weed...

    Interesting "Brand" name. Thanks for the review!!!:tu:)
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    glass Tubes

    I was thinkin' about this the other day.... I need a new rain gauge...Two birds...One stone..."Idea".:ss Of course it would have to be properly calibrated...:hn:BS:D
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    Nub Cameroon Torpedo

    Thank you for a nice review!:tu:) I have one of these restin'...Gunna have to fire it up soon!:ss
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    5 Vegas Series A Archetype and S&W 1911

    :tpd:.....:ss Excellent "twist" to your review!!:tu Thanks!:)
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    My first OpusX

    Excellent review Ken!!!:tu Thanks for sharin'!!!!:ss
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    Cinco de Mayo smoke - Tatuaje Red Label (aka don't drink and cut!)

    Thanks for sharin' your experience!:tu:) Sounds like a wonderful way to have celebrated your first Tat!!!:ss
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    I smoked "The Turd". Seriously.

    Excellent review Scott!!:tu Thanks for sharin' your experience! Hal and I smoked a couple of these about a month ago in my garage. I went to empty my "butt can" the other day... They were still burnin'.:ss
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    Macanudo Vintage 2000

    Thank you for an honest review!!! "Preconceived notions" suck.....:r:D I also dislike it when my cigars "bark" at me.:hn:D:)