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    "Don't worry honey, I'm just going to buy a few cigars a month..."

    oh're in trouble when the wife comes home.
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    Taboo scammed me... WTF

    damn thats an awesome ash.....I always have to hold my cigars vertically when I'm trying to pull off something like that, but the ash tends to always fall in my lap a moment before I grab the camera.......nice job!
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    Which Online Retailer Do You Order From?

    Its considered bad etiquette for me to talk about duty on this forum, so I will give you a bit of me. For your name brand smokes (other than fuente, padron, and la flor domincana) order from Atlantic Cigar. For those brands I just mentioned plus a great selection of quality...
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    taboo HSG toro

    HSG is my favorite of the taboo line. Although I just tried an Conn LR Robusto and that was great too.....
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    Which Online Retailer Do You Order From?

    its the tax man that is making the smokes so expensive....kinda like here in Canada.....word of advice.....stop buying your cigars in Australia and order them online from the US....
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    Which Online Retailer Do You Order From?

    Pretty much exclusively taboo but I have ordered from Atlantic once before....both excellent shops.
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    Third times the charm/ How long will you deal with a stick you are not enjoying?

    Agreed (but for the Havana LR Fig). I was gonna light up the Conn but figured since I had a full stomach and it was late in the day, I would give the Havana a go (I love the darker wrappers). Anyways, what a great smoke.....and man can that thing hold an ash. I has it all the way to the...
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    It happened!

    Whenever this happens to me I just either throw up if its really that bad, and/or lye down for 30 minutes and tell everyone not to bother me.....I will try the sugar trick next time though.
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    How many do you smoke a day?

    Maybe 1 a week on average. How do some of you smoke 9-10 per day? You would basically have to be smoking from the time you wake up to the time you go to bed to get through that amount, wouldn't u?
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    A favor for a friend in Galveston after Ike.....

    there you go.....I've hedged your fall a bit...not much though because my endorsment unfortunately doesn't count for much yet.
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    The REAL Dog Rocket?

    thanks brother....PM sent.
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    The REAL Dog Rocket?

    thank you brother.....let it be noted I will be conducting this review in a non inebriated state, as to appreciate the full flavor of this stick. Being blitzed would be kinda like cheating in a way. I'm trying to find a cremosa to compare the brotto with.... ....anyone willing to sell me a...
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    A favor for a friend in Galveston after Ike.....

    Im confused, Steve received the chainsaw from someone else?
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    The REAL Dog Rocket?

    If I can get my hands on a cremosa, I will personally do the showdown. Now I dont know if my tastebuds can endure the torture of these two dog rockets back to back, but I will sure as hell give it a try and report my findings.
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    Essay Research: What Cigars Canadians Want Online

    "Cohiba Esplendido - BOX 25 PCS. Length: 7 Ring Size: 47 (box per stick price $33.15) $828.80" This is the price from Cdn cigar company in BC. It would wind up costing me the same price if I went down to Cuba for a week and stayed in a 2 star all inclusive, bought the box of esplendidos there...