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    Savoy Cutter Problem

    Glad you guys read the part about the gf, and not wanting her to feel bad!:r
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    Ordering Tatuajes online - any advice for the best deal

    you're a walking advertisement, aren't you? :r
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    need help fast! im at walmartl

    I have the 48 rubbermaid that is red, and it is very nice.
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    Savoy Cutter Problem

    Incase anyone else has this problem down the road with any savoy/ashton product. I found the customer service email for ashton and emailed them about my problem, the next respsonse was asking for an adress and a lady being very nice and appologizing for everything. Within a week I receieved a...
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    Joe’s Jambalaya!

    mmm anchovies
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    Joe’s Jambalaya!

    Not sure if anyone has seen it yet, but looks like CI is taking the deal of the day like woot and their wootoff. A new deal comes up with the other sells out. Should hopefully see some good deals today!
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    This goes hand in hand with smoking a fine cigar...

    Im actually looking to start brewing my own. should be great!
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    Cigar Hangover

    It usually is. :r :r but I didnt have any drinks last night, only 2 stogies. One at 9pm and one at 1130pm
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    Cigar Hangover

    doh. The hangover mustve hindered my search button skills. :r
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    Cigar Hangover

    Ive realized that when I smoke a stogie later in the night. Say around 9-10pm or later, I tend to wake up with hangover type feelings. Ive noticed this on a few occasions. Is there anything I can do to try to prevent this? Besides smoking earlier (I'm a college student and dont have too much...
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    Savoy Cutter Problem

    My Girlfriend bought my a Savoy cutter last year for a birthday or something and I'm having a problem with it. I know I should just go out and buy a Palio..which I want to, but I think if she saw me using something else all the time, Shed get semi hurt? I guess the word is. Anyway, The body is...
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    how have you spent your day so far

    Played a decent game of rugby today with the team. I really wanted to come home and light up a special smoke, but I am just beat and dont think I'll enjoy it nearly as much as I should
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    Cigar shop in Fairfax?

    The cigar town is pretty nice. Im guessing the one in fairfax corner? I went in there a couple days ago they have a pretty nice selection. They just opened up that lounge I hear and it seems to be pretty nice. The guys in there are also very nice. They have helped my GF pick out cigars for me on...
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    Victor Sinclair Corojo Extreme Flight

    I have a box a box of the Serie '55' Corojo Robusto and they are pretty good.
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    University of Pittsburgh Cigar Club (pics)

    Id love to get something like that set up here. But there isnt any indoor places that hthey would let us use to smoke in. :hn