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    Worst Cigar Ever

    Any and all Rocky Patel products with Gurka's a close second.
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    Care to narrow down my choices please?

    Padron 6000 maduro, ages great but also is tasty right out of the box.
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    favorite ice cream?

    Haagen daz rocky road.
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    Phoenix - Don's Cigars

    Be careful of this shop. Owner has taken cigars out of customer lockers and sold to other customers. Pricing different from one visit to the next. Has lost many long time customer and an employee because of business practices.
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    Thanksgiving Day Smoke?

    Me thinks a Lgc #1 with coffee in the am and a 98 Trinni funedore in the afternoon. :ss
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    Humi temp and rh %

    Found the following an interesting read on humi temp and rh%. This is a excerpt from the cigar advisor. "You have stated that you personally do not agree with the much-heralded 70°/70% storage for cigars -- I believe the British tend to keep a slightly lower humidity level than some others, and...
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    Ashton VSG

    Great review. My favorite NC line. Let them age for 3 or more years and then try them, awesome. :ss
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    Top 10 Cigars You Aren't Buying

    Padron panetella LFD dl camaroon lancero Don Tomas Camaroon Fuente 858 maduro
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    Where do you smoke?

    Backyard in or around the pool, one of the local b&m's, but my absolute favorite place to smoke is the golf course. :ss
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    Scottsdale - Barcelona Restaurant

    If you have the kind of scenery in your backyard that they have there invite me over. Lots of nice looking ladies around.
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    Phoenix - Ye Olde Pipe & Tobacco Shoppe

    Rick the owner is probably the most knowledgeble cigar guy in the valley. Best store in the area in my opinion and will be even better when they move to their new location next year.
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    want Opus X? Visit eBay!

    If you establish a relationship with a retailer, some will sell you a whole box at msrp. Have bought a few. :ss
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    Your Easter Smoke?

    Had a Monte #2 with coffee. A HyDM epi #2 right before lunch and a tatujaje especial after Dinner, what a great holiday. :D
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    Favorite Sun Grown

    Ashton Sorcerer and tres mystique with some age are the best. King B's seem to be great at times and mediocre at other times.
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    Question about Chisels

    I have not aged chisels but do have some chiselitos that have about a year on them and they have definately mellowed. Don't have that peppery in your face taste, but still taste very good. :2