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    Tasting through the nose

    You'll find what works best for you. I've been smoking for years and I can't imagine NOT tasting through my nose. Like you, I exhale 80% of the smoke and then exhale the remaining 20% through my nose. Don't push yourself, start slow by only "nosing" 5%-10% of the smoke. It doesn't take much to...
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    How many cigars will you smoke this weekend.

    Most likely 5 or 6. I generally smoke two cigars per day so 6 sounds about right. Most likely they will either be Padron 2000 Maddies, Sancho Panza Extra Fuerte or Taboo Twist. There are also quite a few varieties of singles in my humi so it might be one of those but that's if the mood strikes me.
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    Stinky or CAO Cubist?

    I would suggest the Stinky, great ashtray and it holds a lot of ash. I haven't used the cubist one but it looks allright to me, I vote Stinky all the way. Cheers, Rob
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    Went a Little Trigger Happy With The Credit Card.

    Oh, I know that. I've been falling down the slope for a long time now and still haven't hit bottom so it's all good. Cheers, Rob
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    Smoking after a few days off

    Yeah, I've had that happen also. Although I hate going without, those first few smokes are that much better. Cheers, Rob
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    Went a Little Trigger Happy With The Credit Card.

    Naturally you are correct, it's a sign that I in fact need two of each at minimum. :ss That is a very atractive price, that may be the best price I've seen so far. Yeah, that's what I've been doing for years now but once in a while it's fun to go a little nuts. All those packages arriving...
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    Went a Little Trigger Happy With The Credit Card.

    lulz, you guys make one hell of a support group. Can you imagine if this were AA or some other rehab type group? "Guys, I have some bad news, I fell off the wagon and am 'using' again." "Hey, don't worry about it. You only live once and you need to live it up, want to buy some crack?" LMAO...
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    Went a Little Trigger Happy With The Credit Card.

    Thanks guys, I'm actually pretty happy with my purchases and I can't wait for them all to get here. This isn't my first big purchase but it is my first big purchase in recent history. Usually I just buy a box and some singles per month, now I'll have a rather full cooler when the recent...
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    Went a Little Trigger Happy With The Credit Card.

    Yeah, I must have suffered some sort of mental breakdown because I'm actually thinking about buying those Fuente's on top of everything else. Quick someone tie me down before I completely lose my mind and actually go through with it. Thanks for the words of encouragement guys, I'm looking...
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    Do you hate Drew Estates?

    Nice haul you've got there. I'm not a fan of flavored cigars per se but that is a nice collection you've got there. Congrats and happy smoking. Cheers, Rob
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    Went a Little Trigger Happy With The Credit Card.

    I've had a good month and come into a little bit of money so I decided to stock up on some of my favorite smokes. 2 boxes Sancho Panza Extra Fuerte Cordoba's 1 Box Padron 2000 Maduro's 1 Box Taboo Twist (Just placed the order minutes ago) I think it's safe to say that I went a little trigger...
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    Xikars are great, just don't drop them!

    Yes, send it to Xikar or take it to a dealer who sells Xikar products. Xikar does have a lifetime warranty and there shouldn't be any trouble getting it fixd or replaced. I own a Xikar and a Palio, the two best cutters in the world, and they both have the same kind of warranty. Haven't had a...
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    Viva la Snorking! to nose smoke.

    Great write-up, I've been snorking for a very long time but used a different method. Basically I would exhale 80%-90% of the smoke through my mouth and then ever so slightly draw the remaining smoke into my throat and the purge it through my nose. My method probably allows some of the smoke...
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    Which Brands Are You Done With?

    I never liked the Gurkas Victor Sinclair RP Fire and most other RP's except the Vintage. Pepin. Not that Pepin's are bad they just don't wow me in any way and this includes the blue. I'm certain there are more that I have no interest in revisiting but those are off the top of my head. Right now...
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    Do you hate Drew Estates?

    I actually like the Naturals every now and again. They aren't my goto smokes but I have smoked a few in my time and found them to be quite decent. Cheers, Rob