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    Cigar Smoking vs. Health Concerns

    also from st. augustine and we need to all get together at st. george tavern downtown and have a cigar together. drinks are cheap and they let you smoke cigars there. cigars seem to help me relax and enjoy life a little more.
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    Tinder Box absorbed by CI???

    wasnt cigars international bought by general cigar a while back?
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    Oliva Serie V....WOW!!

    have some at the shop i work at in st. augustine downtown. your right the double robusto is hard to keep arround first ones to sell out. cut the torpedo and you have a double and the double is less money.
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    Ybor City

    a nice place to get a hand rolled cigar on seventh ave. is havana dreams. arround the corner is king corona. both have great smoking areas.
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    i hate people picking up cigars and sniffing them also. they pick up a bunch of them and i ask if someone has a cold or runny nose would you want to follow that person. then they squezze them and you tell them not real hard because a lot of them today have such thin wrappers and you could split...
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    Happy Father's Day to me!

    wanted to say something worth saying on my 100 post. happy fathers day to all the dads out there for sunday. please call your kids sunday and talk to them even if they forget. of course when we have that cigar sunday lets all remember how great our kids are even if they are teenagers now lol.
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    40* or 80* - Which is better to store 'em?

    cigar magazine just came out with a great article this month that will answer all your questions. ask you local bm to show you the article.
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    100th Post

    comming up fast right behind you and hope to join the club some time this weekend. hope it will be something helpfull to someone.
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    revisiting rocky

    love all rockys cigars. they just seem to deliver time after time a great product. did i ever mention what a great guy he is in person. doesnt act better than anyone else and take time to talk to you. his people in fl treat everyone with respect.
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    My 100th Post...Been Saving This For A While by a Detroit BOTL

    congrats and comming up behind you soon. am smoking a rp also today sure love rps
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    and the BIG DUH, STUPID award goes to...

    glad to see im not the only one with burnt finger. but you guys didnt do it in a packed store with all the people laughing when i yelled lol.
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    is it just me or did any one else notice that altadis is not on the sponsor list. that to me is an insult and i now refuse to buy them till they get on board. just my 2 cents.
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    RP Edge Corojo

    i love them but your right once in a while i get a bad one also. but im a rocky whore so i keep going back. love the 92 and owr the best.
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    JRCigars - World Premiere?

    the big guys are trying all kinds of new things to get you to there site.ill bet in five yrs only the big guys will be left and a few bm guys that can somehow survive. the internet is where everyone buys they always tell me. with things getting worse cigars are getting cut from bugets. any...
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    Nub's Customer Service

    they are a great company and do try the others in the line your going to be surprised at how good they are.