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    I have been predicting for a long time that these would go on deep deep discount. Check out Jrcigars weekly special to see how far they have fallen. :hn
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    El Triunfador Lancero

    I pulled the trigger as well--they arrrived in great condition as usual.
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    I'm slipping! Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!

    I have been very good this month--no purchases until.... Dan at New Havana got in some new smokes that may be gone any minute so I had to buy them....(maybe if I don't name them I can pretend it didn't happen). :-
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    la carolina

    A couple of years ago I got a sampler of the old Cupidos from Cigarbid. Most of them tasted like the new Cupido Criollos, but a couple tasted like the La Carolinas. So I am as confused as you are. (I really like both smokes but they have very different taste profiles.) :)
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    Petit Tatuaje

    My box is now about a year old. These just keep getting better and better. They are mellowing just enough to take the edge off and the flavors are getting more complex. The aroma is off the charts outstanding.
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    Recommendations for a Small, Spicy Cigar?

    I have smoked many of these and never had a draw issue. Dry box them for a few days before smoking them and you should be fine.
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    Don Pepin Garcia Serie JJ Maduro

    I am one of those who prefer the naturals, but if you want the maduro robustos at a good price, check out today. "Don Pepin Garcia Serie JJ Maduro Selectos 10 Cigars (50% savings!) Country:Nicaragua Size:5.0 x 50 Wrapper:Corojo Maduro Body:Medium-Full JOE CIGAR...
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    Help the New Guy

    Re: Helpthe New Guy My suggestions from the list: 17.Partagas Puritos 4.13 X 32, Puritos, Cameroon Tin of 10 In Stock$12.95 1 $12.95 If it were me I would buy the seconds. They are called Old Fashioned and you can get a box of the 100 Chicos for 22 bucks at...
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    Joya de Nicaragua price increase?

    A friend of mine is taking a marketing class and he said he was supposed to discuss how vendors determine "the price". That set me off on one of my long MBA lectures. "There is no such thing as 'the price', I explain. Let's look at cigars, for example. We have Joe and Monster and Taboo and...
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    6.5 Inches of Disapointment (Indian Super Fuerte Maduro)

    My favs of these (the Maduros) is the Belicoso. I have some with a couple of years of age and they are smoking great right now. I hated the first Rocky I ever smoked. I think it was a Vintage 1990 off the truck--but after six months in storage they came around nicely. The posters on this...
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    Anyone smoke a Pinar Del Rio

    I noticed that these are available at New Havana Cigars. That is an endorsement that speaks for itself. (I haven't tried one--yet.)
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    I have discovered low humidity!

    My suggestion would be to take out a few smokes from a cheap bundle (maduros would be best) and experiment with a dry box for a few days or a week. (You do have a cheap bundle, right? :) )
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    I have discovered low humidity!

    from MinRonee: "Interesting note: 65°F = ~ 18°C. Comfortable room temperature is ~ 24 – 25 °C, which is ~75°F to 77°F" My home office (where I store cigars) stays at around 65 degrees during all seasons and I find it quite comfortable. I would think 75 to 77 degrees would feel very warm.
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    Backwoods good cheap cigar?

    When I was a teenager I used to bum cigars off of my father. (He stored them in the refrigerator and my first memory of cigars is that they were very _cold_.) :chk
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    NC Box Codes

    I just received a box of Tat Havana VIs (Hermosas) from CI. The good news is there was an actual month and year stamped on the box. The bad news--the year was 2009. :chk