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    Pushing buddies down the slope at the Derby

    Sounds like an awesome time! The Derby is on my list of "Things to Do Before I Die" Gotta get out there. I'm very envious.:tu
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    Chest for Humi.

    Here is an idea. Buy a big cooler that will fit inside the chest. The cooler will give you a great seal and keep your cigars safe while the chest will cover the "ugly" cooler. Just a thought!
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    Size is a factor in a smoke just like everything else. I have found myself switch from larger to smaller RG since I started smoking. I tend to think that the smaller RG packs a little more of a punch. I like a corona or even a PC (partly because of the flavor and partly because of time)...
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    In need of a little humidification help/suggestions

    I would go get some beads. They are much easier to take care of. Depending on how long the sticks were dry, I would be careful about adding a bunch of humidity at once. The sudden change will crack the wrappers. Slowly bring the humidity back up to the level you want it at. Good luck :tu
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    Decanter Set

    Here is a stock internet photo. It looks just like this: square in shape. Thanks.
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    Decanter Set

    My girlfriend just bought me a decanter set for my birthday and I am excited to put some booze in it. However, I really don't know much about it? What types of liquor is it best for? (I was planning on putting either scotch or bourbon in it, not at the same time of course :r) How long should you...
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    JdN and Schlafly (Beer and Cigars)

    I know nothing about combining cigars and beer, in fact I rarely do it. However, I found a combo that I like: JdN Antano 1970 and a Schlafly Coffee Stout. The spiciness of JdN and the full creaminess of the Coffee Stout go great together. Any other beer and cigar combos are appreciated as well...
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    Placing container of Distilled Water in humi

    If you don't want to invest in a cooler right now, take a cooler you already own grab the humi (if it's a desktop and will fit) and put the whole thing in the cooler. This will help seal everything up. :tu
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    This is what a "daily project" looks like.

    I agree, that would be awesome and a great place to share ideas. :tu
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    Quick Humi Question

    I have found that the hygrometers that use magnets are ALOT more effective at hanging on than velcro. :2
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    What's the difference between...

    Almost all boxes are not set up to be humidors. The seal on them is not nearly tight enough and the Spanish Cedar is usually thin or non-existent. If you don't care about looks, buy a cooler and you will get maximum storage for cheap. :tu
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    Poor Bastard...

    I have to agree with the above posters, tell him the truth. Maybe just tell him yourself and then direct him to Moki's site for comparison photos and all the info on fakes his site has to offer. He may be offended at first, but in the long run you will be helping him out and maybe he can...
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    Kinda Wet

    Almost all online retailers ship their cigars a little "wet" to avoid drying out during shipping time. Just let them sit in the humi for a week or so and they should slowly dry out.
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    Help me prove my doctor wrong. Cigars are helping me!

    I'm no doctor, but there are obviously inherent risks associated with consuming tobacco on a regular basis. Aside from that, if it helps your stress level and in turn helps with the Chron's, I say keep enjoying the stogies. :tu
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    Habanos Puros new blend torps

    Thanks! Just might have to pick up a bundle. :tu