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  • hey tyler

    your welcome to hang out at the shop anytime to visit it makes my time go by quicker also never be affraid to stop in as you do not need to buy a thing to visit and see who else shows up next time bring in a pipe of yours to try some tobacco for free as that is the main purpose the cansiters are set out of pipe smokers to sample the different types we have to offer. I will be working this weekend also so if you have free time stop by

    hey tyler,

    got that cigar you left at the smoke shop for me today. really appreciated your kindness look forward to smoking that cigar with much pleasure thanks again
    hey man yeah i remember you.... Yeah stop by the Humidor I usually work the first and last weekend of every month 330 to 8 on saturday and sunday 12N till 5 hope you enjoyed those smokes
    Hey Tyler,

    Welcome to CS! Glad you made it to the herf. We are planning another one sometime in late October or November. Keep an eye on the HERF forum for details, and I'll try to keep you posted.

    BTW, I'm gonna hang out at The Humidor this Sunday afternoon for a bit, I think. Ron will be there as well. If you are out and about and feel so inclined, feel free to join us.

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