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    Craigslist - Too good to be true ?

    Craigs List doesn't like tobacco ads, so write the guy's number down now. Then make sure you can recognize a Davidoff - either bring one or more you know to be right, and/or visit the sites with photos of bands and other info on counterfeits, like and...
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    Fox News Gurkha Interview

    Every one I have had was well made. Some I loved, some I didn't, but it clearly is a quality product. I haven't liked every Fuente I have had either, even though Fuente has a more traditional story. In the end, it's all about the smoke.
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    to freeze or not to freeze

    I smoked my first cigar a looooong time ago, and started buying boxes in 1972. Lately I average about five cigars a day, and my total storage is in the thousands. I have never frozen a single one, and I have never seen a beetle. This freezing thing is a fad, and a new one at that. Until very...
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    cello or no cello?

    Since nobody ever asked this question before, we have here some original research on the subject of cello, so I have taken the liberty of putting it all down in one place, including the actual answer to the question! Now we will never have to see another thread asking this question. Right...
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    Starting to unravel

    That's high, but not overly so. Are you really sure about your hygrometer? When did you last calibrate it? If it's reading just a few rh numbers low, that's the problem.
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    Would the Hydra be enough?

    The all important thing is how much water do you have to move? If the difference between the outside and inside rh is big, and you have a large amount of air space inside that cabinet when it is filled, then you need a more robust unit. I have a 24 cu. ft. cabinet, but I keep the room it is in...
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    Help... beads not holding RH

    I used a fan for a while, but was not impressed with the results, and I'm talking about a Tower over six feet high. In the event, when the fan conked out, I never replaced it. I put hygrometers all over the place, and could find no reason to put a fan back in. The difference between the wettest...
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    Help... beads not holding RH

    I am having a similar problem in one of my humidors. What the problem appears to be is that the beads have a limited capacity to move water. Small changes in a limited amount of air space are fine, but a big rh move or a lot of cubic area pose a problem for the beads. A sponge, or some new...
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    Big List of Cigars - Good Newb Starter

    I like the natural wrappers, the Robustos and the Luchadores are my favorite sizes. Baccarats have a very satisfying aroma, aside from the taste, that I really enjoy. And the prices are hard to beat.
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    Thinking about trying Acids - advice?

    Seriously, if you feel you want to try them, don't let anybody else's opinion stop you. Personally, I have plenty of better smokes to light up, but my wife really likes the smell of the Kuba Kuba and 1400, so I keep a few around for the appropriate moment. Don't feel weird about it either...
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    cigar puncher vs cutter

    Something I noticed, all of these threads have a statement (or a few) like this one: Just for the record, I just calculated that I have used a punch on about one thousand cigars a year for the last few years, and I have never had this problem, unless I screwed up the punch. My old shop...
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    Painted maduro?

    Len, I think what we have read in this thread is that there are many processes that are applied to tobacco before it is made into cigars, and some are "dye" and some are something else. But mild maduros were picked as the ones most likely to contain "dye." What I still do not know is what is...
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    WE WON!!! No smoking ban in Florence, AL!

    I don't mean to hijack this thread, but here in Washington we have the stiffest smoking ban of all the 50 states. For two years we have been banned from smoking, not only in any business but also within 25 feet of the door. But now there is a referendum starting up that will repeal the ban for...
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    Painted maduro?

    Let's go the next step. Do you like the Lot 23 Maduros? I guess that you did, until you found out. Now that you've found out, do you still like them? Now here's the big question: I like the Connecticut wrapper Lot 23s. Should I like them less now that I know that Perdomo used a manufacturing...
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    WE WON!!! No smoking ban in Florence, AL!

    Whit: How politically active are you? Are you on your own side? I know, you are only one person. So was Jason!