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    Ashtrays Downunder

    My pleasure, no thank you required.
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    Anyone tried this cigar?

    The PC's are one of my go to's.
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    Habanos Puros Old Blend Madur Robusto (Old Blend)

    I love these for everyday. Went a little crazy and ordered a few hundred! A mix but mostly Sumatra Robustos. Great for the commute to and from work and I smoke and clip (yup clip an 82 cent smoke) them at work during breaks. I'm seriously cheap. This closeout is the best deal on everyday smokes...
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    Ripped Off..What should I do?

    So, when did entheomation become psycigardelic?
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    Ripped Off..What should I do?

    Unless there are future problems in trades he's involved in, I think letting the situation pass is the best route for the moment. The trades were eventually made and nobody was shorted in the process.
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    Ripped Off..What should I do?

    I contacted entheomation when this first came up. The trade took too long IMHO as it was a constructed trade through a thread here on the boards, not a mutual bombing done privately between the two parties. Both parties knew what was expected when they agreed to trade. I'd like to point out that...
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    New CAO

    I'm ready, sounds good. The Mx2's are great.
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    Ok, now I'm paranoid.....

    From what I can find picadura just means rolling tobacco, Viejo means aged.
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    Ok, now I'm paranoid.....

    I thought viejo meant old?
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    Question on CBid shipping

    They've ran late with my last two orders as well. And, the last order only shipped half of the cigars that I had won. Ticked me off. Shorted me 45 cigars. I've emailed their customer svc and no response yet. I wonder about the legality of an auction for goods that are not in their posession.
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    Yellow smoke?

    In Seans defense, the cigar was on fire.
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    Darn, just missed it!

    No I thought it was a lesser deal. Whole thing kind of ticked me off. They said they sold out in 3 hours, but I was trying to buy 1 hour after the time stamp on their email.
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    Darn, just missed it!

    Same here one hour after the email arrived. Bait and switch?
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    Humidification Beads: FAQs

    Heartfelt carries those too.