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    Lets talk petite coronas

    I suggest Don Pepin Garcia Black Label 1952 La Perlas They are delicious!
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    Which CI Legends do you like the best?

    I think the Yellows are fantastic for the price! Reds are good too. Haven't tried any others but would like to.
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    My Vinotemp RH problem

    The Vino is not packed - I've got room for a lot more. I might go the 60% beads route, although the last time I contacted David at Heartfelt, I got no response.
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    My Vinotemp RH problem

    Travis - Is your Vino a thermo electric model? If it isn't that is your problem. I know you are looking for help too but you really should start your own thread. Thanks!
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    My Vinotemp RH problem

    I have two western caliber III's that when left overnight, read the same %. I've done the salt test and they both read the same +-1%. I've replaced the batteries in both but I can't remember how long it has been. I really don't feel like it is a battery issue. I've taken 1/4 lbs beads in a...
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    My Vinotemp RH problem

    This is the problem: I have 2 lbs of Heartfelt 65% RH beads in there, but it consistently sits at 70%. I've already talked to Heartfelt about this, and they sent me new beads, which I very lightly moistened and placed them in the Vino around April 15th. Same results. The beads are white and...
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    If you could go back

    Same thing about bundles. Wait a little, save a little, and buy good cigars.
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    Rocky Patel Cuban Blend

    Anyone tried these yet? I saw them in the Famous Smoke catalog and they look tasty!
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    32 pepins [Cigar Pron]

    Nice pickups!!!
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    CFO Reserve #7..... a love story

    Got one that was gifted to me resting right now. I got two, but the first one had an ammonia taste.
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    I finally know what I like!

    It's nice to find what you like, but my advice is don't go overboard buying maduros. When I first started I really liked them too, but now I tend to crave a natural wrapper more often. :2
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    Do you Smoke Cigarettes???

    smoked cigarettes for 11 years. My advice is to set a quit date and stick to it.
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    Illusione ~MK~ Photographic Review

    Two Words: Killer Beans
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    The UPS man was good to me today

    Nice pick ups! They look delicious :tu