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  • When I send the coffee, I am not looking for a review, I simply hope you find it enjoyable. A nice cup to begin the day. I don't do coffee for effect, I could have a whole pot and go back to bed. I enjoy coffee, even if I am not contemplating all the subtle nuances - bright or not? floral? chocolate? etc... I cannot go back to Folgers, or even 8 O Clock coffee - it just doesn't stack up.

    Just enjoy it, that's all I hope for.
    Thank you for the kind words. I have purchased my first stock of green beans from UncleBeanz but have not yet tried roasting. It's a time thing right now. I'm just going to do the stove top popcorn popper roasting technique initially. Yes, I do have a vent directly to the outside over the stove.:D I have a friend here in town that uses an air popper and I may go that route as well.

    For me just as with cigars when I drink coffee more often than not I don't savor all of the nuances because right now I'm stealing time just to have a cigar and coffee is a tool to keep me going. In both cases I still enjoy a better cigar or better coffee than the alternative even if it doesn't necessarily get the attention it deserves. When special things come along or it is the first time trying something I try to give it a little extra attention. In general the days of me be able to linger for several hours over a cigar, single malt, wine, coffee, or anything is a thing of the past.

    I'm looking forward to your blend. I make no claims to a sophisticated palate but I will do my best. Thank you again for your generosity.
    No problems. I really appreciate the generous prize. Life has been pretty crazy for me as well recently.

    I'm a big coffee fan. I have a armin trosser grinder for my french press. A single farm would be really interesting. I tend to prefer full bodied medium brightness coffees like Sumatran, Kenyan etc... I do really enjoy Ethiopian Yirgacheffe as well. Actually I think I like it all if it's good. I have been really enjoying Novasurfs Brazillian Peaberry lately and that is one I wouldn't have thought as my style before I had tried it. So I leave it to your expertise.

    I do smoke a pipe occasionally and would love to have some more pipe tobacco to try.

    Thanks again for everything.
    Hey Todd! How's thingz? Howz Fishin'?
    Why not Join the Fishin Fnatics Group bro and show us how it's done?
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