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    Cigar Caddy or Csonka Traveler?

    I was gifted a Csonka a few years ago and still use it. It has a hygrometer humidifiers, cutter, matches and reserve water bottles in the lid. I really like it.
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    Victor Sinclair Bohemian Corojo

    I received a package recently from refill. In it was a selection of cigars. There were 2 VS Bohemian Cuban Corojos. These have a curly head and twisted foot. The wrapper is toothy and veiny and a very red brown. Last weekend I fired one up. Draw was good and it started with a spicy taste...
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    Awesome cigars hand rolled in lansing michigan

    Maybe Paul could get some of these and do a Top25 review. Sounds interesting. I also noticed that the last 4 digits of their phone number is 4427. That corresponds to the letters in cigar but also Lansing is the home of Oldsmobile where the 442's were produced. Maybe just a coincidence.
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    Smoking in Texas?

    Steve, I know on the Riverwalk there are several open air bars where you should be able to smoke. A cool tourist thing to see near New Brunsfels(sp) It is a cool living cave called Natural Bridge cave, if memory serves me correctly. It is just north of SA. It is a beautiful living cave.
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    Cruise ship cigar bar

    I was out with my best buddy (R.I.P. Tom) celebrating his birthday at an establishment we will call a purveyor of flesh. Him and I were having a Cohiba ISOM and one of entertainers kept coming by holding her nose and saying our cigars stink. Now by the door when you come in is a sign that...
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    Best Cigar Trick

    Try sending up a smoke chain. Send bunches of tiny rings real fast. You ususally have to be indoors to do this one with very still air.
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    How many cigars are there in your humidor?

    500+ I haven't counted in a while
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    Let me share my day...

    Sounds like a great time. On Mothers Day, 4th of July and Thanksgiving we have big family events. Everyone has a great time and then my wife and I complain about all the things our relatives did while here and then we forget and invite them over again. :D The neices and nephews that get a...
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    Cuban Parejo from Perdomo

    I have had a few different CP and they have all been good smokes. I would buy them again.
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    Your own private cigar brand name generator

    "Keep Your Mitts Off" de Tobacco Delight
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    Official I'm Going to the LOL Herf IV and You're Not, Thread

    I'm planning on being there. I deal with so many Asians I could probably do the dowrah auction. Maybe we can channel the spirit of Pokersan. Maybe this year we can do a Redneck Auction. I'm looking forward to see all the LOLH Silverbacks. FF, filly, MattR, drill, Jody and all the...
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    Nicotine Buzz - what smokes

    I recently had a CAO Mx2 torp that kicked my butt. I tried two from a local dealer. The first was good but no buzz. The other one layed in the humi for 3 months and POW it had major buzz I chalk this up to someone rolled a little extra into that cigar.
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    CAO Mx2 Review

    I have a Mx2 back in March and it tasted a little harsh. I let some other sit in the humi until about 2 weeks ago. I was a torp about 6 x54 roughly. The taste was much better than I remembered. The only problem was this was a power house. Big ol'buzz factor. This made an extreme look...
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    Land of Lincoln Herf IV Hotel Info

    I'm in for Friday and Sat.
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    Dear poker and SoCal crew

    IHT, let me know about the KC herf. I'm local.