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    Stopped at Target to get milk and bought a Vinotemp

    What department are they usually in?
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    Ashton ESG Churchhill [pic]

    Thanks for the review.
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    Taboo scammed me... WTF

    That's awesome. :tu
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    Were back from IRAQ

    Welcome home.
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    Retirement cigar help

    For everyday, you can get him a bundle of Famous Nic 1000 and 3000. Both are great sticks for a great price. They'll run around $70-80 total for a bundle of each. How about the Taboo SFO Torpedo? You can get 20 of them for around $62 shipped with the 30% off deal Rob is running until this...
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    I finally found a cigar I LOVE...

    Torano are great.
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    Man O' War Churchill

    Thanks for the review. I got several of these in my humi.
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    Stopped at Target to get milk and bought a Vinotemp

    Just imagine a factory made Vino pimped out with a spanish cedar interior, pull out trays, fans, and an accurate digital hygrometer. I'm pretty sure they would sell like hot cakes.
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    Stopped at Target to get milk and bought a Vinotemp

    I'd bet if somebody showed all the photos of the Vinos filled with cigars, they might change their focus to cigar smokers.
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    Beads, Hygrometers, Lighters...

    Get the beads, digital hygrometer, and Ronson torch. That's what I'm using and everything is great. :tu
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    Camacho Coyolar Titan (warning, fornication picture)

    Thanks for the review. The Coyolar is one of my favorites.
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    Partagas Black Maximo

    Thanks for the review.
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    La Princesa De Cuba Torpedo

    Thanks for the review.
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    Excalibur Legend Robusto

    They look good. I've been wanting to try the Excalibur line.
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    taboo S F boot camp toro

    I got the SFO Torpedos from Rob last week. I'm going to give them a few weeks before I light one up.