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    Graycliff Chateau Grand Cru Presidente

    I got these off of the devil site about 8 months ago. I paid less than $5 a stick so I figured I would give them a try. Gorgeous night out, on the balcony watching/listening to the redskins game. Appearance wise the cigar is very nice looking. A 7" x 48 churchill that has 2 bands which make it...
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    Taste Profile...

    If you want nutty creaminess from something other than a Ron Jeremy movie, try a Perdomo Lot 23. They are yummy, and very consistent.
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    Gurkha Titan

    Talk about timing. I just lit one up 5 minutes ago. It started off nicely, almost berry-like sweetness, strong floral notes and a hint of pepper. I'm thoroughly enjoying it right now.
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    A New Way To Lose A Smoke

    mmmm, stogies right off the vine
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    Don Pepin Garcia Cuban Classic

    My first DPG was a cuban classic. Made me a firm believer in all the hype.
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    Gurkha Cigars - General Notes

    I am one of those people who cannot stop smoking Gurkhas. Granted, the best ones are the $1000 horribly overpriced blends, but on the devil site we are talking 20 sticks for $40. They are some of the worst and some of the best sticks I have ever smoked. My favorite blend is a 6x60 perfecto (dont...
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    BOTL Coming to Bethesda, MD - Meet for Herf

    I am more than interested in coming to this if some details can get nailed done. Just keep this post updated when you guys decide something.
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    Dearomaticing Cedar

    Awesome, cant wait to see the pictures. What are you going to be using for humidification? I'm assuming some sort of active/bead combo.
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    What am I missing here? Help!

    Also, put your hygrometer in a few different spots around the humidor. In one of those deep footlockers, the cigars in the bottom of the stack tend to hold humidity and not let go of it. I had that same problem in my 250 count desktop stacked 3 deep, and there was a 6% RH split between only 3...
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    Dearomaticing Cedar

    If you cant take it out, try sealing and putting a new liner over it. I just bought some from here, and talk about a good smell. If you cant remove the aromatic cedar lining, you might be out of luck on converting that chest...
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    First Cigar To Kick Your A**?

    JDN Lancero, it was a bad night . . .
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    Cigar Taste

    Mark's article is a great place to start. I found that if I have open in the backround, every time i get a taste of something different I see if someone else has identified it. Just remember everyones taste is different, but I've found that the majority of 'normal' cigar tastes...
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    How about this for a humidor...

    The amount of beads for that would be insane. It would be cheaper to go with a Cigar Oasis or a Hydra with some fans and a few pounds of beads to stabilize humidity throughout the whole thing. Although for that price, a nice Aristocrat . . . Damn, now you got me thinking of where to put one. :hn
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    Looking for an everyday cigar

    I agree with the Sancho Panza Double Maduros. The La Mancha in particular. A perfect 5 1/2" x 44 that is not very complex, but amazingly consistant. Gone through 2 boxes and have another on the way right now, and have never had a bad one. And they are $35 for a box of 20
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    Advice for Smooth, "Nutty" Flavor Cigar?

    I second the Perdomo Lot 23. I had my first one about 2 weeks ago, and my first box arriving on Tuesday. A very good medium bodied smoke.