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  • When do you plan on getting to the Indiana herf? Are you heading back that night?
    I'm going down with James maybe we can car pool and safe some cash?
    Did I ever tell you about the time Sancho took me out to go get a drink with him? We go off looking for a bar and we can't find one. Finally Sancho takes me to a vacant lot and says, 'Here we are.' We sat there for a year and a half — until sure enough, someone constructs a bar around us. Well, the day they opened we ordered a shot, drank it, and then burned the place to the ground. Sancho yelled over the roar of the flames, 'Always leave things the way you found 'em!'

    He also orchestrated the merger between UNICEF and Smith & Wesson.

    Oh, and he counted to infinity- twice.
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