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  • Hey Andrew,
    I thought I sent my last name but I posted it in my profile haha. Its Baculy. No prob if that stick is gone though. Thanks
    Hey Andrew,
    Seriously, if you find anything you don't want let me know what it is.. I'm definitely down to buy some stuff. Thanks

    2221 Peer Point Ct. SE
    Caledonia, Mi 49316
    Hey there -- do you want to go to Casa Fuente Sunday night? I'm a little up in the air with where I'll be from hour to hour (I mean it is Vegas, right?!), but I know I'm going to head in there Sunday night while my friends are at a show. If you want to shoot me a call with your number, maybe we could hook up for a smoke! My cell is 206-819-3188. Call anytime, and I'll get back to you.

    Thanks for the helpful info. I haven't been down there in a while, and I wasn't in the cigar game when I last visited. Matter of fact, I remember smoking one of the driest Montecristo tubos ever that me and my dad had paid over $20 for at the time!
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