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    Help me identify these DPG

    It is the Blue Label, he decided to update all the labels on the Blues this year....the label is more prettier! NICE PICKUP!
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    Thanks Darrell...and yes, the Soup!

    Thanks Darrell...and yes, the Soup!
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    Graycliff Black Label Espresso paired with Theraflu® Flu & Sore Throat Hot Liquid.

    Re: Graycliff Black Label Espresso paired with Theraflu® Flu & Sore Throat Hot Liquid I saw this and nearly cried...mainly.becuase I am mixing NyQuil (gotta go the green death "flavor") and an Illusione ~888~ as we speak...I almost feel sad....
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    Are You a Fan of Graycliff Cigars?

    I have only had one positive Graycliff experience..the rest not so much. I had a Double Espresso burn flawlessly and forever...loved it...others BLAH
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    Who's Craving what cigar right now?

    Cruzado...I want some Cruzado...DION...WHERE ARE THE CRUZADOS!!!! The first one I had after the IPCPR nearly made me cry when I set it down to die its dignified death...
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    do u buy hard cigar or soft cigar

    I have never squeezed a cigar in a shop... Some cigars are harder than others due to the tobacco used....Sun Grown wrappers, Rosados, Crillios all have a harder texture...
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    do u buy hard cigar or soft cigar

    The members here are only trying to help, do not just discount what they have to say because you feel you know better...really, read, listen, there is more to learn in this hobby than one could ever truly grasp
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    Pepin Blended NUB??? 5 Vegas Miami Knuckle

    I died a little on the inside when I saw these....
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    Anyone get good wallyworld cigars?

    I do not support any facet of Wal-Mart...I hate them all....
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    Never a bad idea to refresh...

    Who cares about the no Palio..that video was more about AMAZING cleavage...right?
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    Tatuaje Reserva SW

    I have been chain smoking the SW as of late...I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THEM! Second best Tatuaje offering....RC233 slightly edges it out....
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    Tinder Box absorbed by CI???

    General Cigars did not "buy" CI...they partnered with the parent company of CI...Swedish Match....who is also part of the Meier's and Dutch group...its a little confusing if you ask me
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    Opus X!?!?

    I DO NOT LIKE ANY OPUS X....they seem, to me at least, to have way too many burn issues and inconsistency in the, for the last few years...I have found ALL Fuentes to taste the same...boring...Just my your time and effort chasing down the Opus when you can get Tatuaje...
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    How good is the Xikar Warranty?

    You do not have to send them back anymore, any and all XiKar account holders are to replace them on the spot.Tkae it back to the B&M you got it from...or any XiKar account holder...Its that easy now...
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    Celebrating Life with a Padron 64

    OH MY GOD! YOU DID GET LUCKY! Savor that cigar and everyone from now on...and of course, here is to your ever improving health...heart attacks are SCARY to have to experience...not too mention painful....The Padron was a very fitting cigar for such a joyous occasion...