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    Smoking in the Cold Canadian Winter

    look down...:r i smoke right where i am sittin currently...:tu
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    pacakge goes out tomorrow bro....

    pacakge goes out tomorrow bro....
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    Do you reuse plastic cigar sleeves?

    i hear dragonman is partial to cello....maybe send them all to him? the baggies for sure reuse them..we all have to be green dont we?:ss
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    travel humi

    when we were in michigan a little bit ago they had 2 finger leather cases at the outlet...with steel tubes in them. maybe something like that is what u need?
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    hey....go check the SOB group

    hey....go check the SOB group
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    where ya been??? hangin with those no good pipers????

    where ya been??? hangin with those no good pipers????
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    Aristocrat shipped to Canada???

    newfie had one shipped up from the states somewhere....400 bucks for the humi or there abouts and like 60 in duties....declared as a wood box drop him a pm
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    Sunday smokeout!

    i wonder how they would travel by mail???:r looks great...i was thinkin of firin up the old girl tomorrow
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    leather 3-finger you humidify?

    2 and 3 finger cases are meant for protecting a couple of sticks when you go out for the night. humidification should not be needed for a couple of hours. if you are gonna try to use one for a travel humi i would suggest tupperware or ziplocks. i havent seen many 2-3finger leather cases that...
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    i u check urs

    i u check urs
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    Good Newbie Brands?

    they all look like pretty solid choices....heck u could prolly find half of them in my hummi still
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    Newb's Very 1st CS Herf: Tears and Cheers (rant)

    i am not sure where u guys got the confiscate and smoke idea. unless they have humidors at the border crossings or a warehouse the cigars will be no good. they have to hold them for like 90 days or something in case you want to dispute the seizure. well that is the deal at the land crossings...
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    Best Travel Humi?

    if you come out to the pigroast i will bring my wide assortment of travel hummis for you to check out.....lots of selection for you to see
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    fed-ex for shipping?

    i think it was fed ex that got a new xray machine in houston and they were xraying everything that was shipped fedex
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    Cigar Caddy Pressure Question

    it is a foam humidifier but i never use mine in any of my travel hummis....they will be fine for like 2 weeks without any humidification