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    Smoking While Riding-Bad Idea

    I was smoking while on the jet ski this weekend and stopped to relax and take in the sun. Wanted to get a perspective the shack from the water when some DH (DaKlugs) fires by on his ski and drenches me with water. :r It was hard to keep a good burn before the water hit and I was biting hard...
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    What's wrong with this picture?

    WOW that is cool like a dollar that is misprinted it may be of great value some day:D
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    Whats the best Haliburton Color?

    I voted for Black as that is what I bought and as everone knows the black one's are a little bigger :D
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    Cigars stores in Cleveland?

    Just off 90, south on 83 to first light, Cousin's is the place. Call me or Zilla when you come up I am just down the road...:ss
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    Latest ice chest conversion

    Great pictures, you did a great job! I think an Ice Chest is one of the best pieces to convert.
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    Does ash length contribute to flavor?

    I agree that is slows the burn and I find a slower burn can change the flavor. I have a good friend who seams to never ash when he is in my car or house I am not sure if he does it to slow the burn or dump large turd like ashes on my floor.:D I ash very frequently as it is more of a habit...
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    Health Professionals

    Works for me too except when I get my CC bill:hn
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    Prayers for Lauren's family please.

    Anything for you Tom. I hope that Lauren's family finds peace.
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    What is it with Anejos and mold?

    Good for you tripod!
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    What's the highest/lowest you've paid..?

    Good answer, I am in the same boat. It sounds like you have the skills needed to testify in front of Congress.:r
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    What Cigar For "National Signing Day"?

    "I needed to take more time to be fair to the cigars."
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    Anyone like to smoke while taking a walk?

    Just get one of those party hats that you can put two beers in and drink from the straw.:D I have been taking a walk with the wife when the weather permits with a nice PC or Party short.
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    My new Vinotemp configuration

    Fantastic looking new box now fill it up!
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    Where in the world would you smoke?

    Thought long and hard about this and I would have to say that I would love to have my smoke while playing the back nine at Augusta with my friends Dave, Bob and Doug.:tu