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    what cigar are you going to smoke next Friday ?

    Why next Friday is the day before North Carolina kicks Notre Dame up and down the gridiron! And to make this post cigar related....I'll be having a saved Tat Black while smoking some boston butts for BBQ that night by the RV on my beloved UNC's campus.
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    My Cabinet Humi Project

    Wow! That looks really nice. Great job!
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    Cubao No. 3 Review

    I'm about halfway through a box of the robusto size of this cigar (the #5 I think). Thus far I have nothing negative to say about this cigar. The construction on all has been good, draw has been good, and burn has been good. I'm a fan of the blend and really like the taste. I really like...
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    Gurkha G3 and Triple Ligero - Same Cigar?

    Weird this thread would pop up this weekend. I was digging in the bottom of one of humidors and stumbled across a fiver of Triple Ligeros that I won off CBID months ago. I've never been a big fan of Gurkhas and I thought I had gifted all of the ones I had. So I shrugged my shoulders and fired...
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    Who's Craving what cigar right now?

    It was rainy last night, so I couldn't partake of the leaf. Unfortunately it's rainy today as well, so not sure if I'll get to burn anything tonight. I've had the Cubao #5 on my mind most the past two days however.
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    Vinotemp 28 bottle on sale @ Target $149.00

    Oh, now you're just being a defeatist. :hn
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    My wife wants to have a Havana themed party!

    Opressive Communista techniques must be readied as you will need to rule this party with an iron fist. Once you have the gulag readied and allowed the guests in, seize all of their assests 'for their own good and the good of the party' before shipping them off. That'd be my approach anyway...
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    Cigars and what do you listen to?

    Me as well. I usually use this 'me' time to catch up on Dogwatch podcasts.
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    Some recent purchases

    Nice. We are well fed gorillas on this thread.
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    Some recent purchases

    How are Cubaos? I've never had one. Are they comparable to anything else in taste? That is one lovely box! Since we're doing cigar p0rn, I had to rush home yesterday to beat my wife home for this package: 2 boxes of La Aurora Preferidos Cameroon Robustos which have become my favorite cigar...
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    What did you smoke during the CS outage?

    I was at work and unable to burn anything, but I was suffering from sever CS withdrawal. Man that sucked during the boring points (i.e. every minute) at work.
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    Go to Cigar

    First box I ever bought was a box of Punch Rare Corojo Double Coronas. I don't smoke them much any longer. No real reason other than I found sticks I enjoy even more.
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    Cutting or punching cigars..what do you prefer?

    I use a V cutter primarily. I like that a lot and prefer it to a standard slice cutter.
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    Humidor not keeping RH up.

    Damn that was funny!! When good seals go bad. :r