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    I finally found a cigar I LOVE...

    I was driving home tonight smoking a Torano Exodus 1959 silver edition corona gorda and commenting to myself what awesome cigar this is and how reasonably priced they are. Glad I'm not alone at thinking they are a great bang for the buck.
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    Look what I got today!

    Congrats on your pic up's I got your oust fans just PM me your addy !
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    Anyone smoke a Pinar Del Rio

    Had the pleasure of trying a few Habano SunGrown various sizes. I enjoyed them very much. My B&M didn't have the oscuro but i'm looking forward to trying that as well.
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    opus question

    I prefer them with some age on them 2-3 years but if I hadn't tried them i'd smoke one now and put the rest to sleep
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    Has anyone tried the Nub Cameroon 460?

    I still haven't found a Nub I enjoy and The Nub cam 460 didn't do it for me whatsoever. I know you just bought a box and that's not what you are looking to here. Remember taste is a subjective thing I hope you love em! I just when back and reread you post flavor wise they were pretty mild.
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    Hello good to know we really are everywhere

    Hello good to know we really are everywhere
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    Alec Bradley Tempus Corona

    I enjoy this cigar while I wont rank it with the likes of a PAM 64 I will say it's an enjoyable cigar in it's price range
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    Most Prized Cigar In Your Collection?

    Original release Avo 22's Bought em way back when I first got into cigars and had no real clue how to enjoy a cigar yet. Glad I was able to pick up a few more along the way.
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    My Aristocrat Plus 48 Gave Birth Today

    Very nice set up!
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    Weight, Cigars, Doctors!

    I was/am in a similar situation.I struggled with being over weight my whole life I'm now 40 and finally decided to do something about it. I was 321 pounds when I finally decided to lose some weight so off to Weight Watchers it was. I weighed in this week at 216 this week down 105 pounds since I...
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    The CIGAR that places you in the Zone…

    Lately it's been the AVO LE-8 something about this cigar drives me to want to chain smoke em.
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    New Humi Is In!!!!!

    Very nice !
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    New Interview with Pete Johnson

    Nice interview thanx for posting this up.
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    Newb orders new Aristocrat!!!

    Congrats can't wait to see pics! I'm a day or two away from placing my second order from Bob.I stumbled upon club stogie sometime ago while looking for a new desk top Humi and wound up with a Aristocrat Mini Dx. Now it looks like the mini needs a Cool Big Brother. I'm leaning towards a decked...