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    Thanks for the bumpage :tu

    Thanks for the bumpage :tu
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    Need help finding a lighter

    Yes...I find myself using the Ronson over the Blazer (when it worked). Just purge them and put some good fuel in it and the thing works like a dream.
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    Who wants some Tat blacks?

    eh why sent :D
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    Great to meet ya man. Thanks for the great sticks :tu

    Great to meet ya man. Thanks for the great sticks :tu
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    Jetlite - What Am I Doing Wrong?

    Try turning down the flame adjustment
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    Opus is in..

    My B&M got em today...not a bad price either. Picked up 2
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    Opus is in..

    Checked Opus here
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    Opus is in..

    man MSRP would be awesome...the markup here is outrageous
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    Ronson Jet something

    now were just gettin greedy :r :r
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    You favorite cigar moments picture thread.

    On the beach in Clearwater FL
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    Do you smoke in your car?

    For the longest time I swore I wouldn't, but since I about drive between 500-800 miles a week I couldn't hold out any longer. Part of that was that I bought an 07 Ford Fusion and I wanted to keep it as "new" as long as possible. I usually smoke about once or twice a week in it. When I do all...
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    1st Annual Club Stogie Nude Herf

    :r you do realize that we are basically a club of mostly dudes...right :r :r
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    Ronson Jet something

    Check your PM's guys...I've got quite a few new ones lying around :tu
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    Oliva Serie V Belicoso

    You sir are V whore :ss
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    Ronson lighters

    Just purged all my Ronsons of the bad fuel. Filled them with the good stuff, and they work like a dream. Still like my Blazer thought :2