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    Ashton aged maduro

    My buddie swears by them... I have not tried one yet...
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    Mark's The Man

    Mark is great! My Palio broke, I handed it to him at a herf and he dropped a replacement in the mail the next day...
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    Were back from IRAQ

    Welcome home...
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    Found this old cigar box.

    Great pics guys...:tu
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    Holt's Tropical Fever???

    Thanks for the feedback everyone... I was just looking for a cheap nic fix stick. Looks like I am gonna pass...
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    First Tatuaje....

    Tat whites are great smokes... The last I heard the blend has changed and is no longer tat red scraps. It is a mixed filler sandwitch cigar, but the burn and draw is right on... Rember when looking for boxes the are 32 (or right around there) to a box so the price may look high...
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    Trip to the B&M and C-bid pick up's ( Pics )

    That's some good looking smokes right there...
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    Holt's Tropical Fever???

    They have a new batch in stock, anyone smoking them? Any reviews out there...?
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    Tell me what you know about Don Pepin

    He can eat things that would make a billy goat puke...
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    school me, on corojo I love corojo...
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    An observation about aged NCs

    I am not sure that a box of Diamond Crown with a year on the is "aged." Now if you have a ten year box, it might move better... It's this whole concept of; rested, aged and vintage... what does it mean? Is six months aging or resting or laying it down? To me aged is 3-5 years minimum, well...
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    Should I smoke one, or let 'em rest?

    Let one sit on the table for about 4 hours and then smoke it...