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    thanks for the bump :tu

    thanks for the bump :tu
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    Taboo scammed me... WTF

    I think it was suppose to be a attempt at humor.
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    Taboo scammed me... WTF

    all we need is Bigfoot in the background and we have a urban legend . P.S. that is really cool
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    heart felt beads

    some broke on mine but it was no problem everything is still at 65%. don't worry its going to be alright.
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    Cuban Crafters - Don Kiki...

    bought a fiver on a WTS here.I'm going to let them rest for a while before I smoke one as Bob had mentioned,but they smell great chocolate/coffee.
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    Oliva V Lancero

    nice review,I smoked one of these last night and draw was good. did any one else pick up coffee and nutty flavors (cashew)?
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    Odd Ammonia Taste

    let them rest a few more months if possible,there going threw their sick period. I'm actually reading this lots of good info
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    Something I wish Taboo Cigars would do...

    I noticed that some taboo bands are less shiny then the others.
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    Mild cigars tasting the same.

    I noticed that this morning also.
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    Good luck - found a nice humi for cheap!

    great find :tu and I know I don't have to tell you that you got a great wife for finding that and supporting your hobby.
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    Using McDonalds as Pizza Topping

    to measure how much of the wall they need to cut in order to get the person out of the house? or.........:pu
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    Using McDonalds as Pizza Topping

    im on my way to get the ingredients also whats the gun for?