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    Casa Magna?

    I just popped by a B&M and the guy there recommended me this cigar. Casa Magna Colorado. $5 so I figured what the hell. Anyone else heard of this cigar before? I did a search on the board but nothing came up. Apparently they are a new company. This is all I could find on the net that was...
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    What should I smoke from this grab bag?

    Well the DP CC is what got lit up. Yummy smoke! Spicy and woody throughout. Some construction problems (the wrapper came undone in the last 3rd) and I had to correct the burn twice. Full body and full strength! Over all a great cigar! Thanks CS!
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    What should I smoke from this grab bag?

    Love spice! That was something I wish the 1964 had more of (that was the last cigar I smoked.. 2 days ago. *tears*) Just the last 3rd had some good pepper.
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    What should I smoke from this grab bag?

    The good ones.. since I'm suffering though an awfully boring conference!
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    What should I smoke from this grab bag?

    I'm in Denver and paid What's Knot To Love a visit. Great selection and friendly but not very knowledgeable (she didn't know what a Pardon 1964 was) staff. Here is what a picked up, I've never smoked any of these cigars before. Which one goes down first? :ss CAO Brazilia (looks like a robusto)...
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    Cigar Smoking vs. Health Concerns

    Fear of the big C is the single factor that stops me from smoking more. I'm a young guy, 28, and that fear in the back of my mind of a lifetimes accumulation of cigar smoke prevents me from more than a few a week. That said, being a fat-ass is much more likely to shorten my life. So light up! :ss
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    A bet's a bet

    Nice t-shirt! Time to wear a matching hat. :ss
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    My beloved pet need your prayers

    I am very sorry for your loss. I've have had the gift of having 6 dogs grace my life and it has always been immensely difficult when one passes away. Stay strong and know that you did the right thing.
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    Need To Circle The Wagons for Silverfox!

    Talk about emotional roller coaster! I have only been here a short time, but I have seen you in almost every thread I've read on CS and it is very apparent that the folks here hold you in high regard. I didn't see this thread until today, and I was reading with anticipation though each post...
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    Taboo Cigars

    I can't wait for my order to arrive. I too was swayed by the great reviews on this board. these 5 days are killer! :)
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    Oliva Serie O storage

    this maybe a super n00b question but what does RH have to do with oil content of a cigar? oils don't evaporate, right?
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    Trip to Denver! Questions about stores and cigars on the plane...

    Hi Folks! Thanks so much for the herf offer! I`m not sure what my evenings are going to be like, as I`m traveling with my bosses-boss, so he might have evenings planned. If I can get away for a while I`d love to meet up with you guys. I`m there until Thursday (midday) so hopefully I can get away...
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    Trip to Denver! Questions about stores and cigars on the plane...

    You guys are giving the noobie a hard time. :) By non-Cuban, the band would say the country of origin on the band somewhere. However, if removing the band is sufficient to get me though customs, that is what I'll do! spin
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    Trip to Denver! Questions about stores and cigars on the plane...

    Hi Folks, I'm headed to Denver for a conference next week. I wanted to bring some sticks with me, but I've read that US Customs might seize them if they don't explicitly say non-Cuban somewhere on the cigar. So my next best option would be to buy at a B&M. Anyone know where I can go in Denver...
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    19 Short years - RIP Young Man

    My thoughts and prayers are with you and the family of this young man. I know too many people who have been killed or injured riding bikes.