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    Excellent brother of the leaf. I sent him some cigars a few months back just to try, and he hit...

    Excellent brother of the leaf. I sent him some cigars a few months back just to try, and he hit me back now. A very nice selection also.
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    An observation about aged NCs

    It actually looks to me like he is implying that YOU, not he, can sell them for more that was paid for them.:D
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    An observation about aged NCs

    FWIW, I haven't had many aged cigars at all. Most that I have had have been CCs. I am truly starting to believe that I like fresh cigars better. Of course there are exceptions... for NC's - Padron Maduros only 6 years old blew away the already awesome fresh sticks. for CC's - Only a few stick...
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    Casa torano: which do you prefer?

    One time I vote Natural. Torano does make some fine sticks at reasonable prices.
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    Favorite Golf Course Smoke?

    I usually smoke 1 on the front and 1 on the back. If I tee in the morning, my go to for the front is a Tatuaje P series. Enough flavor to get you going, but won't overwelm you for the back nine smoke. Back nine could be anything, but rarely over a $5 smoke on the course for reasons stated...
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    Im in love

    Ahh yes, another fabulous Pepin.
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    My first box/bundles of everyday's???

    I would go with the Sancho Panza or checkout Cigarbid or Cigars International for some 5 Vegas "A". The 5 Vegas robusto is called the Artisan. The box is $72 on CI, but can be had for $50 on Cigarbid. PM me your addy and I will give you a couple to try.
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    Im in love

    I prefer the blacks over the blues. They have all the spice, but seem a little smoother on the nose to me. If you figure the whole Pepin line, give me a brown Tat anyday. Although the 601 line is growing on me quickly.
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    Rub for Ribs

    I'm not as big a pro at ribs as you guys. I like a spicy rub and a somewhat sweet sauce. For a rub, I use Tone's Cajun Seasoning and some extra cayanne and black pepper, and a little brown sugar. I really need a good smoker though. My problem is getting something that I feel is big enough...
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    ashton Esg

    I agree with everyone else, VSG's are much tastier. If you have the opportunity, do a side by side with a couple of smokers and I think you'll find the VSG is a much tastier smoke. While the ESG really isn't mild, it's not the type of cigar I would want after a nice dinner, while the VSG is...
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    The Slippery Slope

    Nice to know that exists. How up to date is it? I searched a few things and it seems to not show auctions since May. Advice...weekly on auctions that end during the a big cooler....stick to 5ers until you decide if you like something or not.
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    Wrapper slipting after lighting up??? HELP!!

    :confused: Are they slipping out of your hand? I hope you mean splitting. If so, give them a few more days and try them again.
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    how many per week

    Summer time, working on a job where I can smoke.....8-12 Winter time on a job where I can't smoke.........1-2
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    mouth cancer

    Boy, I'm in trouble. Not only do I smoke cigars but I also... I think I should start doing #8. I don't have much time left.:hn
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    The doctor gave me some samples of this and it did work well, but my insurance said they wouldn't pay for it yet. I guess it's still to new. So back to so. As far as smoking with allergies, I notice if I take a couple days off, my allergies do get a little better. But I have...