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    Looking for a couple of recommendations...

    You might want to try Sancho Panza Double Maduro. They have both corona and robusto sizes. They are mild-medium in strength but loaded with flavor.:2
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    RP Decade Seconds

    Make sure you do the math if you plan to buy any "X- Outs". I just did the math on the Liga "E" toro maduro. You get 15 @ $39.95 or approx.$2.66 per cigar. If you buy a box of SF toro maduros, they go for 25 @ $59.95 or $2.40 per cigar (my math could be wrong, I couldn't find a...
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    Trip to Honduras

    Could you ask Rocky what his plans are for the "Super Fuerte" and "Fire" lines are? I had heard that he was discontinuing them to focus on his vintage lines and his FSS lines.
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    Cigars and what do you listen to?

    I really enjoy listening to old radio shows, like Gunsmoke, Superman, Lone Ranger,The Green Hornet etc. Someone once called it the theater of the mind.
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    cbid junkies click here.

    These are the stats for SPDM Quixote,Max: $52.00 Min: $37.00 Avg: $41.71 # Auctions: 7 but if you go to CI you can buy them for $35.00:confused:. I guess it shows how stupid people are.
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    Poll: Do you like Spice in a Cigar?

    I didn't vote because I like the sweet spices, like cinnamon, cloves, and nutmeg. I don't care much for pepper in my cigars. One of my favs for these flavors is FDAA #5. I taste cinnamon for an hour after finnishing one of these.
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    Smoking Nazi's about to get a taste...

    You could call it Soilent Green
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    Favorite Rocky

    I selected "other" because sun-grown was not on the list. My second favorite is the Super Fuerte maduro with some age on them.:2
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    Who Has the Best Alternatives?

    You might want to try these, I have never tried them, but read some pretty good reviews on another forum.
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    good b&m's?

    Eat fiber, lots of fiber. That makes for a real good bm.:D
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    Cbid shipment took 7 days.

    All my c-bid winnings are shipped USPS priority mail and I usually get them in 2-3 days. Call customer service and have them flag your account to say you want USPS priority, thats what I did. I've won on Wed. and had my cigars by Fri., and I live in California.:ss
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    Looking for FULL BODIED "bargains"

    These are very good.I don't know if they are full enough for you.:2
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    What games did you play as a kid?

    Didn't anyone play Hide-and-Go-Seek? We played a kicked up version called Boogey Man. Did anyone ever play Chutes and Ladders where you went up the chutes and down the ladders?
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    Looking for mellow and smooth

    Try Fighting Cock.They are smooth and mellow with an earthy and slightly sweet taste.They need 2-3 months rest.They have very good construction with a nice draw and burn even.You can find them at
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    naturally sweet wrapper Cigar's

    For a naturally sweet cigar, try Fire by Indian Tabac.I've had two of their robustos, and they both had an underlying sweetness that I really like.I picked up mine on cigar-bid.