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  • I never made it to Gitmo. 6 months in the Med and 6 months in Okinawa. I was 0351 the whole time but the last year I spent working in my company's armory as a weapons custodian. I made Corporal just before I got out. I sure miss the camraderie, the travel, and even the physical side of it (every now and then when I manage to forget just how strenuous the infantry was, lol). Lots of good wishes and worries for the brothers and sisters overseas!
    Best of luck my young friend. After your posts about taking care of the homestead, the best thing that I can say is that if you were a Lt, I would be content serving as one of your NCO's and I mean that. Have a great night, going to bed. Paul
    I think Gunny Carmen is just that way in general, but he's not meant to be friendly so I expect him to be upset with me for one reason or another. My grades are ok, but could be better. I won't make excuses about them, but they're going up and I'm going to make sure they stay up. Maj. Prichard pointed me in the direction of where to go and who to talk to about signing up for the OCC program and I've been dead set on it. I have no intention of washing out of OCS; it's something I've wanted since 8th grade and I'll be damned if I quit now or then.
    Thanks for the bump in RG. I'm also trying to get a slot in the OCC program with the Marines here on campus, and whether Gunny Carmen likes me or not I'm gonna make it happen. XD
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