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    PA ban: My business was just notified...

    Here in Mass, most of the politicians are either lawyers or insurance brokers.
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    my little brother.

    Prayers are on their way.
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    Saturday Mornings

    This time of year, normally get up at 0430 to 0500 depending upon when the cat wakes me up, have a cup or two of tea and a cigar on the porch and then go officiate a football game. Winter, officiate later in the day and into the night depending upon schedule. Spring and summer, depends upon ump...
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    Cigar Smoking vs. Health Concerns

    macster, check out and look at the "Health FAQ'. There is an article on cigars and health written by Dr. Marc Schneiderman which is quite good in honestly laying out the risks and benefits of cigar smoking. This might help to allay some of your fears as it tells the truth rather...
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    If you were to buy 1 box of cigars.... What do you suggest I buy for my 1st box?

    While they are not as strong as you indicated that you prefer, they are an essential cigar to have tasted and nice to have in your collection, I would get a box of Fuente 858 in maduro. I also agree with the suggestion of the JDN Antaños and would add the LFD ligero series of cigars.
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    Short cigar questions...

    I'll give you a couple of other options; RP Vintage PC's seconds from Cigars International and Oliva Serie O #4.
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    What NC is most like an ISOM stick?

    Will someone please put the Admiral back in his rocking chair and change his depends?:chk:chk
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    Which Online Retailer Do You Order From?

    My most recent buys have been from Cigar Place and Best Cigar Prices.
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    19 Short years - RIP Young Man

    Prayers for all affected are outbound. I agree with your helmet and speed comments.
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    Surgery time, yikes!

    Darrell, I have had many knee surgeries to include a knee replacement. I have had the patella cleaning but without the tendon games. They all work if you are willing to do the work to make yourself functional again. You are a military SNCO and are in good physical shape. It will go well for you...
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    Back surgery for MIL

    Prayers that it turns out well.
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    Good Faith For Two BOTL

    Saw this a little late but hope that it works out for both of you. Paul
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    Thoughts for my Mother

    Thanks to all of you here, at least I had 56 years with her. The worst part is now the waiting for the funeral. She has to be transported to Portland, ME from Wayland, MA and the funeral is not until Saturday. I will be glad when this is over and we can look at closure. This was not unexpected...
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    Thoughts for my Mother

    Asking my friends here to please keep my mother in your thoughts and prayers. She passed away this weekend. Guess that I was lucky to have her around as long as I have. For obvious reasons will not be around much this week.
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    Need To Circle The Wagons for Silverfox!

    Shawn, you are in my thoughts and prayers. Get well soon!