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    Looking for pictures of Min Ron Nee's cigar collection...

    My understanding is that many of the pictures were provided by other parties, who subsequently received no mention (for a variety of reasons).
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    Omaha - Cigarros

    Nice place, But with the new smoking ban, you can no longer smoke indoors there. I went there looking for a nice relaxing evening, only to be relegated to the sidewalk for my cigar. My luck was that it was 80 degrees and night. Without an exemption in the law for them, I suspect they will not...
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    Looking for pictures of Min Ron Nee's cigar collection...

    There is one person who is often credited with writing it, and he does little to clear up the confusion. However, a majority of the information contained within was provided by other members of the cuban cigar industry, some of who for a variety of reasons require anonymity.
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    Looking for pictures of Min Ron Nee's cigar collection...

    Min Ron NEE is not a real person, but rather an amalgam of a few people who contributed to make the book.
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    Zino platinum crown series barrel

    Top, Just to let folks know that at the Davidoff shop at the Venetian in Vegas, they are running a special. Buy two crown tubos, get one non-tubo crown, free. It brings the price down to under 20 bucks a piece.
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    I smoke 90% Cubans, and I find the Illusione line to be absolutely some of the best tasting and constructed non-cubans that exist today. They do not make any attempt to mimic a cuban flavor profile, but instead make a solid nic. cigar. They completely stand on their own. And yes, they sold out...
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    Tatuaje Black Label

    A great cigar. I am looking for some more singles to avoid cracking the bundle of OR's I have, and my jar...:ss
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    the continuing saga of my damaged box of tats

    Why is Pete selling to CI anyway? I thought he had a problem with some internet retailers undercutting the rest of his shops and generally diluting the brands value. I thought he had decided not to do business with CI or CBid. :confused:
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    Illusione & Tatuaje question?

    I heard that the release of the Cruzado line has been delayed and that it is now not known when it will be released.
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    Tatuaje Black Frenzy

    Most are around that price point...unless your taxes are obscene in your jurisdiction...
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    Tatuaje Draw Question

    Rain City cigars I think only carry's the white label Tatuaje's. They don't carry the brown label from what I know. Unless this has changed in the last week. Check out Cigarland in Shoreline (155th and Aurora Ave N). John, the owner carry's all the brown/red labels plus Cabaiguans and other...
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    Tatuaje Black Frenzy

    Lemme give an example. I enjoy the Especial. It retails for less than 10 dollars a cigar (much less at many online retailers or B&M's). Another cigar I truly enjoy is the Cohiba Lancero. A great cigar with a different profile, but that retails for significantly more. The Monte Especial is also...
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    Tatuaje Black Frenzy

    The Jar has increased the price hardly at all. The original release of the blacks came out to around 13 dollars a cigar as well. The jar is simply a continuation of Pete admiration (or pirating) of the Cuban cigar industry. And it is a nice presentation for an excellent cigar.
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    Tatuaje Black Frenzy

    Taste is entirely subjective. I find them "worth the hype". If a cigar is good and I like it and I can get it, then I will buy it. Just because something is limited, doesn't make it fit my taste. I hated the East Coast/West Coast. I really like the blacks. I don't like the red label, but I...