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    wow $32 a stick? definitely not worth it IMO.
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    Project of the Day : Vinotemp Drop-in Chest of Drawers Prototype

    oh boy..... form your own naughty comment...
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    We need an OC Crew (Orange County)

    Yeah you dont want to be anything like the MoB!!!!
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    Quit Being a Lurking Gorilla Wanna Be...

    I think you get a pimp stylin' hat for your avatar!
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    Moved out!!!

    and girls....if he is into girls..
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    Scary package in the mail today.

    you should start a pass with that shipping box....too funny.
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    Los Blancos Primos Torpedo

    I would rank them as decent cheap cigars. I wouldn't feel bad taking them on a fishing trip or a windy day on the golf course. They are a little lacking in flavor for me.
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    Gotta go to Chicago

    Yeah! And there is a drinking/eating cigar lounge in Aurora area inside the bar The Foundry. Take the BNSF Metra out to Naperville and walk about 4 blocks south.
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    Any v-cut fans out there?

    The S&M????? damn....cigars and whips and gags....hmmmm Does your significant other approve?
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    420 quart cooler at Cabela's - anyone crazy enough to use as a coolerdor?

    It probably is meant to sit in a truck bed! It is pricey...and probably a bit heavy.
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    Wireless Humidity Meter?

    If you have a Fry's electronic super should be set in wireless temp/humidity sensors.
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    Who needs a new ST Dupont Lighter?

    impressive *little* collection
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    Tried a new cigar i liked alot.

    :tu decent NC smoke with some flavor.
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    Fire bad!! Or laugh at the newb.

    Now that is one way to become one with your cigar!
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    I want an A$$ Kicker

    LFD Chisel San Cristobal LGC Serie R #7