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    Anyone Going to Big Smoke Las Vegas??

    Unfortunately I will be leaving Friday as well. As an aside St Lou Stu and I will be in town for work and we have a herf set up, tentatively, on the 4th. We will do a thread just to confirm to the Vegas BOTL - if you're in town, join up. I'm looking forward to it! Travis
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    Taboo Limited Reserve Maduro Figurado

    I have smoked a few of these now - Maduro and Havana and have to agree that the Maduro is more to my liking but the Havana has been good as well. I have had no draw problems and the construction on the three I have smoked is impeccable - theres bound to be a construction error every once in a...
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    New here, Need humidor

    I'm with floyd on this one. In light of recent past events I thought this was a Booyah. Clubstogie - I believe the advice here is pretty simple and straightforward - if you are really tight on the funds a freezer size ziploc and a couple 65% humipacks thrown into the frig are exactly what you...
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    Rocky Patel R4 (summary: it's a Dog Rocket)

    I would not call them a "Dog Rocket" as they are not poorly constructed IMO - however they are one dimensional and bland. I got 10 (5 & 5) in a sampler order I made - will not be buying them again though.
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    Cancun, Mexico - La Casa del Habano

    Good morning Mods, I will re-do this one this afternoon, when I submitted I had photos and descriptions of the parlour and more information, somehow it did not submit correctly from my end. Thank you! Travis
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    Rocky Patel Meritage Blend

    Ok, I wont... Seriously, it is hard to beat the Vintage and OWR. I havent seen a drop in the Vintage quality however I would be interested in someone seriously showing a difference in quality - is it due to our being peeved at him going so big like your favorite band when they start getting...
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    Strange Ash.

    I was in Lima, Peru last year and there happened to be a rolling event of some kind at the LCDH at the mall there as we burned time waiting for our flight. I asked the roller from Cuba this exact question and her response is that this happens when the torcedor rolls too tightly or the leaves...
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    Cancun, Mexico - La Casa del Habano

    La Casa del Habano Blvd Kukulcan KM 12.7 ZH, Cancun, Q Roo, Mexico Local Phone: 998 840 7000 Toll Free:
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    Anyone get good wallyworld cigars?

    Its not a walk-in but the Sam's here has CC and DR Davidoffs...
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    Rocky Patel cigars - opinions...

    I am a self-confessed Rocky fan... The Vintages (the 90 and 92) are tops in the NC line up but he has made some cigars that are not up to snuff - some of the new releases just don't do it for me but I believe RP is a great line for newer smokers to try a wide variety of smokes. The new Summer...
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    SOS: Taboo Twist Won't Light

    Don't be too hard on Dan, Rob. He might have confused that shipment with mine that is en route to Mexico where that extra water pillow is needed.
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    Thanks for the review, you know I have passed up on these a couple times just because the name made me think it was a gimmick or just overloaded and wouldnt be enjoyable. I will pick a few up now next time through Florida. Thanks again.
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    I'm done with Rocky Patel Blends

    I think I like you Bryan.
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    Quintessential Cigar for Guests

    This is definately a precarious situation because you are trying to bring them into the habit and share part of your life with them. You want to give them something good but you do not want them to choke on it thereby turning them off of this great passion of ours. Presentation is key so...
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    The Evolution of my part of the Jungle!

    Good evening BOTL and SOTL, Like many here, I have been smoking cigars for several years (about 15 more or less) and once I was turned on to Club Stogie I have increased the number of sticks I smoke and the variety. As my interest grew and I began to make some great friendships here I got...