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    What is Your Favorite Cigar Size?

    I have over 500 Lanceros, think they are my favorites?
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    I thought you guys were crazy about a big meal before a full bodied cigar

    you want a strong cigar try an El Cobre.
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    Why do you smoke?

    For relaxation, enjoyment and sharing of cigars with other cigar smokers.
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    La Riqueza #5

    I just picked up a box of these and it's a very good smoke. A little spice at the beginning. A medium body smoke.
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    door prize

    Good for you.
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    I Hate Hygrometers

    Good answer
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    Tubos question

    That's a good answer.
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    Rocky patel vintage 1992 fell apart twice

    Never had an issue although I haven't smoked any in a while.
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    Thanks Rob! Taboo Rocks!

    Nice gesture.
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    Cutting or punching cigars..what do you prefer?

    V cut, Bullet then cut but of course it depends on the cigar (size and shape).
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    Some recent purchases

    A box of La Riqueza Nbr. 5's a box of Cubao Lanceros Winston Churchills Nbr. 10s The whole package
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    Walmart $7 Hygrometer

    That's a great deal..
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    Your Eric Whitfield aren't you. Don't you have a web site?
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    Padron Anniversary HELP

    Party Source ask for Eric.