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  • Semper Fi brother! I was on Paul's page and noticed your comments. I spent a year in Oki from 99-00...Boring admin stuff but someone had to do it. :tu
    Never did sea duty, seemed like the best post in the USMC outside of embassy duty. Did a tour in Cuba (did not do well in MP School and got the Green Weenie) and then got out and when I returned, God got me or the Green Weenie did it, spent 3 years as the Admin Chief in the ASC (Computer Center) and then did some Brig Guard time. Enjoyed my time and if I was not close to 60 and 50 lbs over, I would do it again just like any other Jarhead.
    we tracked down another member of Uncle Sam's Misguided Children? Glad to see another Devil Dog. Paul
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