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    Saint Luis Rey Reserva Especial Toro

    another "sleeper" smoke that I love.....look through the gaps in my humi and you'll see!!
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    Of the Opus X

    Actually, it is very simple. It's called the 10% Rule. That 10% are doing 90% of the complaining. As well as anyone who has been in the service can tell you, 10% of the Soldiers do 90% of the work.
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    Anyone know what this cigar might be??

    I don't know! But I have one just like it!!! :tu Upmann Coronas Major (printed on the tube)... Review Here
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    CI catalog

    Paging Captain Obvious.....Captain Obvious to the white courtesy phone please.... :r
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    JRs Cigar in Selma

    Next event is the Bolivar Suntuoso on October 18th....a FRIDAY??? hmmm.....might have to derail to Burlington for the Saturday event!!
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    Hi Bill!!!!

    Hi Bill!!!!
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    how have you spent your day so far

    Today was a good started OFF as a good day..... Who's idea was this anyway??
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    JRs Cigar in Selma

    Well...we made it in time for the Maria Mancini Event...(Truini, Tobi and Skills) Then of course, a little browsing..... The First Load (notice ALL THOSE USPS Boxes???) My goodies on the left, Skills' in the middle, and Truini's on the right... Then Truini's wife decided to surprise...
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    JRs Cigar in Selma

    Slight change...Skills and I will be there around 2 PM....still waiting for the women to get ready....grumble.....:mad:
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    JRs Cigar in Selma

    as bad as this gonna sound, I remember when they didn't have 5'ers at Selma. So you went to Statesville for those. Then when the $$$ was right, it was "Follow the Yellow Brick Road" aka HWY 87 north... Of course, I haven't been to Burlington since 06 (I think???) so I'm hoping it didn't take...
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    An observation about aged NCs

    trying not to step on toes here..... Okay, I love the full-bodied facemelters. I'm not gonna spend my money on an aged mild/medium smoke - that dog won't hunt. All cigars "mellow with age"....if it was a mild - I wouldn't touch it to begin with! A Medium?? gettin' smoked right now - Full...
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    Cooler of choice for a coolerdor?

    TRAVEL HERFADOR??? HOLY POOP!!!!! :hn:hn:hn
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    JRs Cigar in Selma

    Skills and I go religiously...every Sunday....:r Selma is great for the "fix" really be overwhelmed, you GOTTA go to the Burlington store. I'll be at Selma next Saturday around 1 PM......:ss
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    Cooler of choice for a coolerdor?

    I just used that pic to validate the existence of my itty bitty collection to the wife!!! :dr:dr:dr
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    Rocky Patel R4 (summary: it's a Dog Rocket)

    SO, by calling someone out on a BULLSH*T "three puff" review where they OPENLY trashed the vendor AND the maker.....will keep this in my notes!!! 1 - trash Vendor - Okay 2 - trash Maker - Okay 3 - call BS on someone who does 1 and 2 - BAD